Spyderco Doublestuff Sharpening Pocket Stone Sharpener (1 x 5 Inch Medium & Fine Grit Ceramic) 303MF

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The Spyderco 303MF Double Stuff is made up of two grit stones (fine and medium) sandwiched together with a bonding agent combining the best of both worlds. Portable and versatile, Spyderco manufactures a variety of small pocket stones for field use and for honing small items. Each stone is sold separately, packaged in a leather carrying case and is sterilization/autoclave safe (great for dental tool sharpening).

The Double stuff is a 303F and 303M bonded together and packaged in a leather pouch offering a variety of sharpening options. This pocket stone fits in the palm and has both medium and fine grits packaged in a leather carrying case. It is autoclave safe (ideal for dental tool sharpening) or can be cleaned with a plastic scouring pad and powdered abrasive cleanser.