Spyderco Golden Stone Ceramic Sharpening Stone (Fine Grit 7.25 x 3.0 Inch) + Leather Pouch 308F

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The Spyderco Golden Stone Ceramic sharpener is shaped like a duck's foot and it is one of the most versatile sharpening tools on the market. The duckfoot style allows you to position the stone vertically (foot-side down on a table top) to create a 20 degree sharpening angle (40 degree total angle) for blades. Each long side of the stone has an elliptical edge with a large radius for sharpening plain edge blades and small radius for sharpening serrations. Setting the duckfoot on it's side creates a 12.5 degree angle for scissors. You may also utilize the groove running down the stone for sharpening pointed tools. Includes a suede carry case that can be used for stropping as well as a pad to keep the stone from sliding while sharpening. Made in USA.