Mantis MK1VX Midnight Karambit FrameLock Folding Knife (2.0 Inch M-vX Hemispherical Hawkbill Black Plain Blade) Stainless Handle

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Mantis MK1VX Midnight Folding Karambit, Hemispherical Hawkbill Blade. Unlike a Hollywood blockbuster movies, Our sequel is better than the original. With the implementation of our new, proprietary High Speed Tool Steel: appropriately called M-vX, this "supercharged" version of our original MK-1 "Cinq I" Karambit is poised and ready for action.

The black anodize accents on this piece lend to its stealthy appearance. In fact, there are only two features which identify this knife: one, our menacing logo, and two, the steel-type... just so when your friends (or enemies ask) out of amazement... you can say: "M-vX... only Mantis has it."