MaxPedition 408G S-Type FatBoy Versipack Shoulder Sling Pack OD Green (Left Handed Version) MX408G

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MaxPedition 408G S-Type FatBoy Versipack, Left Handed Version for Weak Side Carry, Green. The MAXPEDITION Fatboy S-Type Versipack (#0408) was originally designed for Search and Rescue work, the S-type allows for the additional attachment of the CP-L Radio Holster (#0102) or any other MAXPEDITION accessory pocket in place of the cellphone pocket on the standard Fatboy. In addition, the Fatboy S-Type rides on the left side of the body filling the need for a 'lefty' Fatboy and a grab-and-go gear bag that does not hinder the quick drawing of a sidearm on the right hip. It also has a 2" wide Velcro loop patch on the front lid for attachment of ID patches. Each S-Type Fatboy comes with a tactile non-slip shoulder pad providing great comfort during extended use.

The Fatboy's rear slip compartment is now equipped with large loop Velcro patches to accommodate our Hook & Loop Modular Accessories (e.g. #3501 Universal Modular Holster, sold separately). This allows the user to position their concealed carry firearm for a quick strong side draw or weak side cross draw.

The following are the major differences between the S-type and the standard Fatboy:

  1. The footprint of the S-type is in the MIRROR IMAGE of the footprint of the standard Fatboy.
  2. The S-type has an additional anchor attachment point where the cellphone pocket is on the standard Fatboy.
  3. The S-type provides more modular capacity than the standard Fatboy with three anchor attachment points.

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