MaxPedition 412B Jumbo Fatboy Versipack Shoulder Sling Pack Gear Organizer Black (Concealed Carry Firearm Bag) MX412B

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MaxPedition 412B Jumbo Fatboy, Black. The long awaited JUMBO Versipack (#0412) fulfills the multitude of requests for (1) a larger Fatboy with more bells and whistles, and (2) an effective concealed carry system utilizing the Fatboy shoulder sling concept.

Point (1) The JUMBO's main compartment is over 50% larger than the Fatboy. In addition, it has three zippered accessory pockets, two sleeve pockets, and one drawstring pocket fitted for a 32oz/1L Nalgene water bottle or a radio. The Jumbo has four places for modular expansion with other Maxpedition accessories using Maxpedition Tac-Ties. External keyper on shoulder strap for gloves and internal silent keyper for keys. We also elected to use a 2" lockable main buckle.

Point (2) The JUMBO's rear slip compartment is now equipped with large loop Velcro patches to accommodate our Hook & Loop Modular Accessories (e.g. #3501 Universal Modular Holster, sold separately). This allows the user to position their concealed carry firearm for a quick strong side draw or weak side cross draw.

In conclusion, you asked for it, we built it.

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