MaxPedition 9846B Jumbo LEO Versipak, Black

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MaxPedition 9846B Jumbo LEO Versipak, Black. The Maxpedition JUMBO L.E.O. Versipack was designed based on feedback from hundreds of L.E.O. customers. This special edition of the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack has been optimized for use by the E.nforcement O.fficer. The rear panel features three islands of breathable material to facilitate ventilation and keep you cool.

Internal elastic webbing provides the ideal space for carrying extra handgun magazines. On the exterior you'll find a pouch with lateral elastic retention designed to hold a a pair of 30 round M4/M16 magazines. Naturally, there is space for a concealed carry handgun thanks to a rear CCW compartment.

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