Down Under Knives Red Rock Raptor Knife Fixed (10.25 Inch 440C Kukri Mirror Polished Blade) Leather Handle + Leather Sheath DUKRRR

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Attacking now: Red Rock Raptor™ - the ultimate woodsman's companion.  When the Outback™ came out, it was quite possibly the hardest hitting Bowie knife you could buy without going to a custom bladesmith. We were pretty happy about being able to put that much chopping power in a conventional size blade, but of course it would only be a matter of time before somebody topped it. This got us thinking... if it was possible without going totally impractical, why weren't we already doing it?  

Well, after several months of design work and prototyping, we believe we have done just that. The design of the Red Rock Raptor™ borrows elements from the legendary Kukri to get the raw speed and power necessary to chop through more or less anything that could conceivably need chopping through. The angle and width of the tip provides a natural stabbing point, while the smooth convex/concave transition of the edge gives you the durability of an axe and the sharpness and control of a whittling knife - both right where you need them, without detracting anything from each other.  

Finally, you know how some otherwise great Bowies, Kukris and Machetes kinda force you to hold back a little so your hand won't slip? Yeah, we hate that too. That's why the Red Rock Raptor™ has an ergonomically contoured 100% leather handle and generous handguards on both ends. You can pound with the pommel, stab with the point, whittle with the base of the blade, chop with the convex edge and hack with the bonecrusher spine as hard and fast as you are physically able to. The wide, smoothly rounded handguards will protect your fingers from impact and make sure the knife stays glued to your hand, no matter what you do. Don't let the aggressive look fool you; this knife was built to work as great as it looks. We believe that in a successful design, form and function should not compete but complement each other.