Victorinox 40425 Cimeter Knife Red (10 Inch Curved High Carbon Stainless Blade) Red Fibrox Handle

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Victorinox Forschner 40425 Cimeter, 10 Inch Blade, Red Fibrox Handle. The Victorinox 40425 Cimeter Knife puts a welcome twist on an old classic. Equipped with all the benefits of the traditional butcher knife, the cimeter's blade has the added benefit of a curve coming to a fine tip. This gives the knife the ability to chop and separate like a butcher knife, but also allows for a long, solid slicing stroke that is perfect for creating thin delectable slices from your meat of choice. Further adding to this knife's ability to master the meats of your kitchen, the stamped blade is conveniently sized at 10 inches, and the red Fibrox handle is slip-resistant when wet, for added safety.