Black Belt Reality Based Personal Protection Instruction Book (258 Pages) by Jim Wagner 09BO116

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Boker 09BO116 Jim Wagner Reality Based Personal Protection Book. This 258 page, full-color book covers the foundation of Jim Wagner's system: Knowledge Domain, Defensive Tactics, Ground Survival, Knife Survival, Crime Survival, Terrorism Survival, Handgun Survival, and Women's Survival. This book deals with dozens of modern self-defense situations such as: drive-by shootings, criminal style stabbings, terrorist attacks, handling mental people, carjacking, armed robbery, criminal and terrorist chemical attacks, gang attacks, protecting others, and much more. This book also covers legal issues, police contact, and other subjects not covered in today's martial arts schools. With over 720 step-by-step photographs, this book also contains photographs of Jim Wagner training various elite police and military units including the German GSG9 and Israel Defense Force. It also shows Jim Wagner in the military, as a corrections officer, police officer, and SWAT officer. This is the most complete book on the subject of the Reality-Based system that is sweeping the world.