Victorinox VN40998 Sharpening Stone Crystolon Coarse Silicone Carbide Grit JM3 (11.5x2.5x.5 Inches)

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Victorinox 40998 Sharpening Stone, JM3, 11.5x2.5x.5 Inches, Crystolon Coarse Grit. Include a Victorinox 40998 Coarse Crystolon Replacement Stone in your kitchen kit and be ready the next time your sharpener loses its touch. A good replacement stone is a great essential extra to have on hand, especially if you use your cutlery set constantly. Dull blades are the quickest way to a kitchen accident, and a sub-par sharpening stone does nothing to bring those blades back to top-notch operating quality. The coarse stone is meant to reshape and reform a well-worn blade, and the Coarse Crystolon Replacement Stone makes quick work of giving you back that edge!