Victorinox 41511 Flank Knife (7 Inch Stiff High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade) Black Fibrox Pro Handle

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Victorinox Forschner 41511 Flank Knife, 7 Inch Stiff Blade, Black Fibrox Handle. The Victorinox 41511 Flank Knife is built to deliver consistent performance and quality results every time. Equipped with an 7 inch stiff blade, this knife is perfect for deep cuts and strong, even strokes. Excellent for powering through pounds of meat and creating scrumptious flank steaks in no time!

The patented polyamide handle is textured and slip resistant when wet for maximum safety. This flank knife is made lightweight and well balanced for comfort and control during heavy use. The high-carbon stainless-steel blade is laser tested to ensure an edge with world renowned sharpness. Superior durability and fracturing resistance are created through a manufacturing process in which the edge is conically ground length and crosswise. Black Fibrox® knives by Victorinox are manufactured in Switzerland and come with a lifetime warranty.