Victorinox VN41981 Sharpening Steel, 7.5 Inch Continental Cut, White Polypropylene Handle

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Victorinox 41981 Sharpening Steel, 7.5 Inch Continental Cut, White Polypropylene Handle. The Victorinox 41981 Continental Cut Steel is a complementary companion to any kitchen cutlery set. In order to get the best performance from your blades it's essential to keep them sharp, as a dull blade leads to an inferior end product and unwanted slips. The best way to avoid these mishaps is to have a good sharpening steel handy for honing, straightening, and re-sharpening the blades you use most to ensure they're working properly. And what better tool to keep your blades at their highest quality than the Victorinox 41981 Continental Cut Steel! Measuring 7.5 inches from tip to handle, this sharpening steel is small enough to use on the fly and large enough to accommodate any sized blade. The continental cut means that half the surface being is a fine cut and the other half is polished. Comes equipped with a comfortable white plastic handle and a loose ring on the end for easy handling and hanging!