Victorinox Scabbard Double Pouch Aluminum (Accepts Knives up to 10 Inch Blade) 43991 VN7.7092.1

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Victorinox Forschner 43991 Scabbard, Double Pouch Aluminum, Accepts Knives up to 10 Inch Blade. The Victorinox 43991 Aluminum Scabbard is great for storing certain blades in the most efficient places. Rather than travel the length of your kitchen each time you need a different knife, equip your kitchen with a few handy scabbards and have the ability to chop, stab, slice, or dice on the spot. Store five to six knives (depending on width) measuring up to 10" long! Double pouched and ready to perform, the Victorinox 43991 Aluminum Scabbard lets you bring your blades where you need them most. A loop on the outside of the scabbard allows a honing steel to be carried as well to ensure knives are properly cared for while on the go. It can be clipped on to any belt. Made by Victorinox, the manufacturer of the original Swiss Army Knife, this scabbard comes with a lifetime warranty against any defects in material and workmanship. Previously advertised as VN43991, 43991 and 770921.