Victorinox Swiss Army 53671 Angler

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Victorinox Swiss Army 53671 Angler. The 3 1/2" Victorinox Swiss Army Angler knife is everything a fisherman could want and more! Including must-have tools such as a fish scaler and hook disgorger, the Angler is perfect for day trips on your favorite lake or long days out at sea. All Swiss Army Knives carry a lifetime warranty, stainless steel implements and unsurpassed Swiss-made quality and functionality.


  1. Large blade
  2. Small blade
  3. Corkscrew
  4. Cap lifter
  5. Large Flathead Screwdriver 6mm
  6. Wire stripper
  7. Reamer with Sewing Eye
  8. Can Opener with small screwdriver 3mm
  9. Key ring inox
  10. Tweezers
  11. Toothpick
  12. Fish scaler with hook disgorger and ruler (cm + inches)
  13. Pliers