Victorinox Forschner 81504 Saf-T-Gard GU-500, Large

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Victorinox Forschner 81504 Saf-T-Gard GU-500, Large. With the Victorinox Saf-T-Gard Cut Resistant Glove there's no need to worry, you won't be severing a finger anytime soon! Constructed of interlinking 10 gauge stainless steel, and designed to fit either your left or right hand with a tapered, conforming fit, this glove brings to mind chain mail from knights and castle times. Excellent for just about anything you're doing with a blade! This glove has a color coded nylon wrist band that can be tightened to your comfort level while letting you separate each pair by size and color. Superior cut and puncture resistance, the Saf-T-Gard Cut Resistant Glove is heavy duty and guaranteed to protect your fingers!