Victorinox 83402 UltraSHIELD Cut Resistant Glove (Small)

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Victorinox Forschner 83402 UltraShield, Small. The Victorinox UltraShield Cut Resistant Glove helps to keep your fingers safe from unwanted slips and unsavory cuts. Comfortable and reliable, UltraShield™ Cut Resistant Gloves are manufactured with superior materials for unsurpassed protection and slip resistance to ensure protection while you perform. The wrist band along the bottom is color coded so your staff can quickly identify by size. Fully washable and bleachable with anti-microbial yarns that eliminate the growth of bacteria. With a bustling kitchen it's best to keep your entire kitchen crew as safe as possible and a good place to start is by outfitting their hands with a pair of these Cut Resistant Gloves!