DMT D6EF Dia-Sharp 6 Inch Double-Sided Diamond Sharpener (Fine/Extra Fine Grit) 6.0 x 2.0 x 0.25 Inch DMTD6EF

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DMT D6EF Dia-Sharp D6 6 Inch Double-Sided Diamond Sharpener, Fine/Extra Fine Grit. These economical 6" x 2" Dia-Sharp® Diamond Stones allow users to quickly put a razor edge on small and pointed tools. The Dia-Sharp® line by DMT® features a continuous diamond surface attached to a heavy-duty nickel and steel-backed surface. The diamond surface is ground to be flat, and it will stay flat. Includes four non-skid rubber feet. Grit clearly marked on side of stone. Available in extra coarse, coarse, fine, and extra fine grits. Made in the USA.