DMT DMG Diafold Magna-Guide Sharpening Accessory Kit (7-Angle Adjustability-Works with any Bench Stone) DMTDMG

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DMT DMG Diafold Magna-Guide Sharpening Accessory Kit. The NEW Diafold Magna-Guide™ is the next logical step in knife sharpening technology. DMT® has integrated their popular Double Sided Diafold® sharpener, that offers portable, two-stone sharpening at its best, with the Aligner Blade Guide's 7-Angle adjustability for the correct edge every time and the NEW Magnetic Angle Guide magnetic attachment. The Diafold Magna-Guide™ requires no adjustments to use, and allows for grit changes in seconds--simply flip the Magnetic Angle Guide to the other side of the Double Sided Diafold--it's that easy! The new knife hinge clamp design allows for virtually any thickness of blade to be clamped securely. This new guided sharpening kit is a perfect combination for keeping an edge razor sharp, with guide rods that are set to handle edges from filet knives to cleavers, from pocket and hunting knives to fine kitchen cutlery.

The Magna-Guide™ has 2-abrasives-in-1 to allow for two-stage sharpening. The folding handles keep fingers away from cutting edges, while in use. They also protect sharpening surfaces, when folded and not in use. The Magna-Guide is lightweight and easy to carry in the field. Made in USA.