DMT DuoSharp Two-Sided Diamond Surfaced Bench Stone (Extra-Fine/Coarse Grits) 10x4 Inch with Duo Base DMTW250ECNB

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DMT W250ECNB DuoSharp Bench Stone 10x4 Inch, Extra-Fine/Coarse Grits. Double-Sided. Innovative. Multi-Patented. DuoSharp® Bench Stones are precision flat, two diamond surfaced sharpener guaranteed to provide consistent, even sharpening every time. Employs DMT® interrupted surface technology. Available in 10-in and 8-in. sizes and offered with the DuoBase™ accessory or non-skid mat, this is the ultimate choice for bench sharpening, with a large, wider diamond surface to sharpen a variety of edges. Available in many different diamond grit combinations.

The 10 inch DuoSharp® is the ultimate diamond benchstone. All of the advantages of the 8" model, but with 87% more of DMT®'s trademark interrupted polka-dot diamond sharpening surface. Each of these double-sided benchstones offers over 4 carats of micronized, monocrystalline diamond. Perfect for the longest knives or widest woodworking tools!