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Benchstones are the standard sharpening product for knife and tool sharpening. They are versatile and can be used to sharpen almost any item. Our wide selection includes Diamond Bench Stones, Water Stones, Oil Stones, Benchstone Sharpening Systems, Ceramic Water Stones and Arkansas Bench Stones.

Sharpening stones come in a wide range of shapes and sizes but typically benchstones are flat retangular stones measuring 6 to 8 inches in length and between 2 to 3 inches wide. They are used to sharpen and hone knives, scissors, scythes, razors and tools such as chisels and plane blades. The process of using a sharpening stone is called "stoning".

Stones are usually available in various grades, which refers to the grit size of the particles in the stone. Generally, the finer the grit, the denser the material, which leads to a finer finish of the surface of the tool. Finer grits cut slower because they remove less material. Grits are often given as a number, which indicates the density of the particles with a higher number denoting higher density and therefore smaller particles.

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Boker 09KE180 Magnum King Combination Sharpening Stone
$69.95 SAVE 32%
GATCO 80040 Natural Soft Arkansas Stone, 4x2x.50 Inch, Wood Case
$15.99 SAVE 36%
DMT D8E Dia-Sharp D8 8 Inch Continuous Diamond Sharpener, Extra Fine Grit
$57.95 SAVE 24%
DMT W8CXWB DuoSharp Double-Sided Diamond Whetstone 8 Inch with Duo Base, Coarse/X-Coarse Grits
$94.99 SAVE 25%
Spyderco 302M Ceramic Bench Stone Medium Grit Knife Sharpening Stone (2x8 Inch)
$48.95 SAVE 30%
Norton Japanese-Style Combination Waterstone Benchstone Sharpening Stone (8 x 3 x 1 Inch 4000/8000 Combination Grit) Also Razor Stone 24336
$119.95 SAVE 24%
Spyderco 302UF Ceramic Bench Stone UltraFine Knife Sharpening Stone (2X8 Inch)
$62.95 SAVE 30%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Boker 09KE183 Nakato Medium Benchstone, 1000 Grit
$33.95 SAVE 32%
Lansky LBS6H 2 X 6 Hard Arkansas Benchstone
$17.99 SAVE 35%
DMT W6F Diamond Whetstone 6x2 Inch with Hardwood Case, Red Fine Grit
$52.95 SAVE 25%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Boker 09KE184 Arato Rough Coarse Benchstone, 600 Grit
$29.95 SAVE 31%
DMT WM8EFWB DuoSharp Plus Double-Sided Dual Grit Diamond Benchstone w/ Base, 8 Inch, Fine/X-Fine Grits
$79.95 SAVE 25%
Lansky LDB8C Diamond Bench Stone, 8 Coarse
$28.99 SAVE 35%
DMT W8CXNB DuoSharp Double-Sided Diamond Whetstone 8 Inch, Coarse/X-Coarse Grits
$86.99 SAVE 25%
Hewlett B12 Diamond Bench Stone, 2x12 Inch
$45.99 SAVE 24%
DMT D4F Dia-Sharp D4 4 Inch Continuous Diamond Sharpener (4.0 x  0.88 x 0.19 Inch) Fine Grit for Razor Sharp Edge
$14.50 SAVE 14%
Victorinox VN41998 Sharpening Stone (8x2x1) Fine and Coarse Quick Cut Combination Bench Stone
$13.95 SAVE 23%
Spyderco 302F Ceramic Bench Stone Fine Grit Knife Sharpening Stone (2x8 Inch)
$48.95 SAVE 30%
Victorinox Norton VN42990 Crystolon Sharpening Stone Combination Fine/Coarse Benchstone (JB8 Crystolon) 8Lx2WX1H
$35.95 SAVE 23%
DMT D6EF Dia-Sharp D6 6 Inch Double-Sided Diamond Sharpener, Fine/Extra Fine Grit
$46.99 SAVE 25%
Victorinox VN42991 Sharpening Stone Combination Fine/Coarse, JUM3 Crystolon, 11.5Lx2.5Wx1H
$62.95 SAVE 24%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Boker 09KE182 Shiageto Fine Benchstone, 1500 Grit
$41.95 SAVE 32%
DMT W6EP Diamond Whetstone 6x2 Inch with Plastic Case, Green X-Fine Grit
$38.99 SAVE 25%
DMT D10E Dia-Sharp Benchstone 10 Inch, Extra Fine Grit
$108.95 SAVE 24%
DMT D8C Dia-Sharp D8 8 Inch Continuous Diamond Sharpener, Coarse Grit
$58.95 SAVE 25%

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