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Broad Axes

Broad Axes

A broadaxe is a large (broad) headed axe (also known as a Dane Axe). There are two types broadaxes, both of which are used for shaping logs by hewing. The first type is know as the Single Bevel Broad Axe (a basilled edge), also called a side axe, single bevel, or chisle-edged axe. The Single Bevel Broad Axe has one side that is flat and the other side is beveled. On the basilled broadaxe the handle may curve away from the flat side to allow a flush stroke when hewing without injuring one's hand. The flat blade is to make the flat surface but can only be worked from one direction and are right-handed or left-handed.

The second type is a Double Bevel Broad Axe where both sides are beveled, which produces a scalloped cut.  The double bevel axe has a straight handle and it can be swung with either side against the wood. A double beveled broad axe can be used for chopping or notching and hewing. When used for hewing, a notch is chopped in the side of the log down to a marked line, called scoring. The pieces of wood between these notches are removed with an axe called joggling and then the remaining wood is chopped away to the line.

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Wetterlings Short Broad Axe, Leather Blade Guard, 192
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