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All those who work or engage in watersports should carry a water sports knife.  As a matter of scuba safety all divers, including those who snorkel should practice safety and always carry a dive knife. Besides being a handy tool, carrying a diving knife with you could save your life. Dive knives are offered in a variety of materials, sizes and shapes, and when purchasing one it's important to remember that dive knives are tools, not weapons. Detailed specs and descriptions for each of the watersport knives we offer are provided so you will be able to make an informed decision on what kind of dive knife will best suit your needs.  Oso Grande's selection includes nautical folding knives, titanium dive knives, marlin spikes, traditional dive knives and blunt tip mariner knives from top knife manufacturers including Boker, Camillus, Columbia River Knives, Fox Knives, Gerber Knives, Kershaw Knives, Mantis Knives, Meyerco Knives, Mission Knives, Spyderco and Smith & Wesson.

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Spyderco FB40SYL Fish Hunter Fixed (4.39 Inch H1 Satin Serrated Blade) Yellow FRN Handle Polymer Sheath
$104.97 SAVE 40%
Spyderco FB24SBK2 Jumpmaster 2 Fixed (4.5 Inch H1 Serrated Leaf-Shaped Blade) Black FRN Handle Kydex Sheath
$149.97 SAVE 40%
Microtech ADO Integral Drop Point Fixed (4.50 Inch Tan Single-Edge Plain Blade) Stainless Handle, Composite Sheath 116-1TA
$268.57 SAVE 28%
Schrade Ceramic Neck Knife Fixed (2.50 Inch Plain Black Ceramic Blade) Paracord Handle Plastic Sheath SCH406
$26.95 SAVE 34%
5.0 Out Of 5 (2 Reviews) 5.0
Spyderco FB20POR Rock Salt Sprint Run Fixed Blade (6.75 Inch H1 Satin Plain Blade) Orange FRN Handle
$173.95 SAVE 40%
Ocean Master QT500SAW-A Dive Knife Fixed 5 Inch Titanium ComboEdge Sawback Blade (Molded Plastic Sheath) OMQT500SAW
$129.95 SAVE 25%
Ocean Master QT500LS Dive Knife Fixed 5 Inch Titanium Combo Edge Sawback Blade (Molded Plastic Sheath) OMQT500SAW
$119.95 SAVE 25%
Ocean Master TK-200A Tactical Fixed 4.25 Inch Titanium Drop Point Blade (Carbon Fiber Handle) Kydex Sheath OMLT200A
$109.95 SAVE 26%
Ocean Master TK-300 Tactical Fixed 5 Inch Titanium Recurve Tanto Blade (G10 Handle) Kydex Sheath OMTK300
$159.95 SAVE 27%
Ocean Master TK-175T Tactical Fixed 3.5 Inch Titanium Tanto Blade (Carbon Fiber Handle) Kydex Sheath OMTK175T
$109.95 SAVE 26%
Ocean Master Dragon Claw Neck Knife 1.125 Inch Titanium Hawkbill Blade (Kydex Sheath) OMDCM1
$67.95 SAVE 24%
Ocean Master TK-200DS Fixed 3 Inch Titanium Drop Point Blade (Skeletonized Handle) OMTK200DS
$109.95 SAVE 26%
CRKT RMJ No Bother Fixed 2.19 Inch Blade, ABS Handle, Thermo Plastic Sheath 2741
$26.99 SAVE 46%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Spyderco Enuff Sheepfoot H1 Salt Fixed Blade Knife, 2.75 Inch Satin Serrated, Yellow, FB31SYL
$115.95 SAVE 35%
Talonz-2 Ceramic Tanto Neck Knife Fixed Blade, 2 Inch White
$36.99 SAVE 28%
Talonz-1 Ceramic Drop Point Neck Knife Fixed (2 Inch White Blade) Cord Wrapped Handle Kydex Sheath
$33.99 SAVE 29%
5.0 Out Of 5 (2 Reviews) 5.0
Boker Plus Cera-Neck Ceramic Fixed Blade Neck Knife (1.57 Inch Ceramic PlainEdge Blade) 02BO670
$33.95 SAVE 32%
FOX Knives 64611 Tekno Sub Nautical Dive Knife, Yellow Rubber Handle
$49.95 SAVE 25%
Meyerco Necklance River Rescue Neck Knife Fixed (3.0 Inch Black Serrated Blade) FRN Handle MANKR
$7.99 SAVE 20%
Mission MPK10-Ti-S MPK Multi-Purpose Knife, Titanium, ComboEdge, Kydex Sheath
$399.95 SAVE 32%
5.0 Out Of 5 (2 Reviews) 5.0
Kershaw 1008BL-PC Sea Hunter, Blunt Tip Blade Only
$24.99 SAVE 21%
Kershaw 1008BL-P Sea Hunter, Blunt Tip
$33.99 SAVE 31%
Kershaw 1008BL Replacement Blade for Sea Hunter 1008 or 1008BL-P, Blade Only
$24.99 SAVE 32%
Kershaw 1008BELT Rubber Strap for 1008, 1006P
$12.99 SAVE 27%
Kershaw 1008 Sea Hunter Diver's Knife (3.75 Inch Satin Combo Blade) Injection Molded Handle, Kydex Sheath
Super Sale
List Price: $49.95
Save $24.00 (48%)
Kershaw 1006K Amphibian with Kydex Sheath
$47.49 SAVE 32%
Kershaw 1006CS Clip System for 1006P & 1008's
$7.99 SAVE 33%
Gerber River Shorty Dive Knife (3 Inch Double Edge Blunt Tip Blade) Zytel Handle 30-000967
$27.95 SAVE 35%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Columbia River CRKT Bear Claw ER Fixed (2.375 Inch Hawkbill Serrated Blunt Tip Blade) Orange Zytel Handle 2510ER
$27.95 SAVE 44%
5.0 Out Of 5 (2 Reviews) 5.0
Columbia River CRKT Bear Claw Fixed (2.375 Inch Hawkbill Serrated Blunt Tip Bead Blast Blade) Black Zytel Handle 2510
$26.99 SAVE 46%

Out of all the knife places I've dealt with Oso Grande is by far the best when it comes to pricing, fast shipping and excellent customer service.
--Jeffrey S - Smithtown, NY