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Hi-Tech folding knives feature state-of-the-art materials and blade steels in their manufacture.  Some have unique opening mechanisms, special locking systems, exotic blade steels, and/or other specialized features which make them stand out as a high-tech knife.  Hi-tech knives are unusual and special in many ways.

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Spyderco C187CFP Rubicon Folding Knife (3.03 Inch S30V Satin Plain Blade) Carbon Fiber Handle
Super Sale
List Price: $499.95
Save $199.98 (39%)
CRKT K410KXP Ken Onion Ripple, Satin PlainEdge Blade, Black Aluminum Handles
$28.95 SAVE 42%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Spyderco C41TIFP5 Native5 Fluted Titanium Folding Knife, CPM-S35VN PlainEdge
$269.95 SAVE 35%
Columbia River CRKT Ken Onion Ripple Folding Knife (3.125 Inch Acuto Satin Plain Blade) Charcoal Stainless Steel Handle K405KXP
Super Sale
List Price: $150.00
Save $60.05 (40%)
Columbia River CRKT K415KXP Ken Onion Ripple Flipper Folding Knife (3.13 Inch Satin Plain Blade) Black Aluminum Handle
$39.95 SAVE 42%
Boker Magnum Great Knight Stiletto Liner Lock Folding Knife (4.67 Inch Spear Point Bead Blasted Plain Blade) G10 Handle 01MB221
$24.95 SAVE 24%
CRKT 5660 K.I.S.S. ASSist, Tanto Blade, PlainEdge
$41.99 SAVE 40%
Spyderco C158TIP Techno by Marcin Slysz Folding Knife, CTS-XHP PlainEdge, Titanium Handles
$205.95 SAVE 35%
CRKT 5240 Klecker Nirk Tighe 2 Folder, Drop Point PlainEdge Blade
$69.99 SAVE 46%
Boker Magnum 01LL325 Ring-O Folding Knife, G10 Handle, Satin PlainEdge
$35.49 SAVE 31%
Boker 01MB222 Magnum Urban Tank, Stainless Handle, Black Blade, PlainEdge
$21.95 SAVE 31%
CRKT 5185 Klecker NIRK, Black Blade, Black Frame, ComboEdge
$18.99 SAVE 36%
Spyderco C157GTIP LionSpy Folding Knife, ELMAX Steel Blade, G10 and Titanium Handles
$309.95 SAVE 38%
CRKT Buy Tighe 20th Anniversary Special 2-Blade Folding Knife, Klecker Lock, Titanium Handle 5260
$650.00 SAVE 13%
CRKT 1050 Fire Spark, Satin Blade, PlainEdge, OutBurst, Fire Safe, LAWKS
$53.99 SAVE 40%
Spyderco C41CF40TH 40th Anniversary Native 5 Sprint Run Folding Knife (2.98 Inch Damasteel Plain Blade) Fluted Carbon Fiber Handle
$359.97 SAVE 40%
CRKT 1050K Fire Spark, Black Blade, PlainEdge, OutBurst, Fire Safe, LAWKS
$54.99 SAVE 45%
Columbia River CRKT Ed Van Hoy Snap Lock Folding Knife (2.55 Inch Bead Blast Plain Blade) Stainless Steel Handle 5102N
$34.95 SAVE 41%
CRKT 400KXP Ken Onion Ripple 2, Charcoal Handles, PlainEdge
$68.99 SAVE 44%
CRKT 405KXS Ken Onion Ripple, Charcoal Handle, ComboEdge
$89.99 SAVE 40%
CRKT 5015 On Fire, Assisted, Satin Blade, PlainEdge
$67.99 SAVE 32%
CRKT 5175 Klecker NIRK Novo, Brushed Frame, ComboEdge
Super Sale
List Price: $24.99
Save $12.04 (48%)
CRKT 5250 NIRK Tighe, Ti-Nitride Coating on Frame, PlainEdge
$79.99 SAVE 46%
Mantis MU5 Jyro Utility Folding Knife (2.0 Inch Black M-VX Spherical Blade) Steel Handle, Pendant Sheath
$149.95 SAVE 25%
Mantis MU5B Garbanzo Utility Folding Knife (2.0 Inch Bead Blasted Spherical Blade) Steel Handle, Pendant Sheath
$149.95 SAVE 25%
Boker 01MB100 Magnum Waves Folder
$18.95 SAVE 24%
Columbia River CRKT Ed Van Hoy Snap Lock Folding Knife (2.55 Inch Bead Blast Combo Blade) Stainless Steel Handle 5112N
$34.95 SAVE 41%
DPx Gear HEST 2.0 Right Handed Folder, 3.1 Inch D2 Black PlainEdge Blade, Titanium and OD G10 Handles
$175.00 SAVE 33%

This was my first experience with and I was very satisfied with the ease of ordering and prompt shipping of my knife. I definitely plan on doing business with you guys again, thanks!
--Derrick P - Riverside, CA