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Kirby Lambert Knives

Kirby Lambert Knives
Kirby Lambert began making knives in 1994. His background includes attending school at the University of Calgary where he studied fine art and took many classes in drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. This education coupled with his fascination of knives, his creative passion and the enjoyment of working with his hands paved the way for Kirby to become a full time knifemaker in 2002. Kirby specializes in tactical folding knives and utility folding knives which are bought by knife collectors as well as military and law enforcement officers who use them out in the field. Kirby Lambert knives are made of the finest materials; titanium, carbon fiber, G10, and specialty steels such as CPM 154CM, CPM S30V and Stellite 6K. Kirby Lambert has achieved many goals and is recognized as one of the finest knifemakers of his time. His work has been featured in many publications such as Blade Magazine, American Handgunner, Tactical Knives, and Excalibur as well as being featured on the cover of Blade Magazine. "I believe that a knife should not only look good, but first and foremost a knife should be functional as well." ...Kirby Lambert

It's easy to write, when all you do is tell the truth. I personally do not believe you have any competition. Your attention to detail, superb staff, extraordinary products, phenomenal service, and outstanding prices ensure that. The professionalism that you all exhibit is the benchmark all others will have to try and measure up to... Perhaps not impossible, but daunting to say the least. In having you as an "aiming point," the industry will have to improve, if it wants to even approach you, and your company... The end result will be better for everyone. Please keep-up the great work.
--Carter - Toquerville, UT