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Checkout our selection of collectible and limited edition knives. Every year top knife manufacturers such as Case Knives, Buck Knives, Spyderco, Kershaw and others release a small number of rare limited edition knives. These highly collectible knives are usually their most popular knife models made with exotic handle materials, hot new high performance blade steel and sometimes new blade styles. Almost all of these knives have been manufactured in very limited quantities (usually 1,000 pieces or less). These sprint run knives are highly coveted by knife collectors and sure to appreciate in value. Hurry, available only while supplies last!

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Rambo First Blood Part II Standard Edition Knife Fixed (10 Inch Black Blade with Sawtooth Spine) Hollow Black Cord Wrapped Handle, Leather Sheath RB9294
Super Sale
List Price: $159.95
Save $55.00 (34%)
Spyderco C86GFBLP Spin Folding Knife 2.5" VG10 Blade, Blue Nishijin Glass Fiber Handles, Sprint Run
$89.95 SAVE 35%
Cold Steel XL Voyager Vaquero Tri-Ad Lock Folding Knife (5.5 Inch CTS-BD1 Stonewash Serrated Blade) Griv-Ex Handle 29TXCVS
$71.95 SAVE 40%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Boker Scout Stag Damascus Lockback Folding Knife (3.125 Inch Damascus Plain Blade) Stag Handle 112116DAM
$278.95 SAVE 39%
Boker 112028 Dinosaur Classic Lockblade Knife
$566.95 SAVE 32%
Rambo 4 Survival Machete Fixed (10.38 Inch Black 1060 Carbon Steel Blade) Leather Wrapped Handle, Leather Sheath RB4
Super Sale
List Price: $139.95
Save $60.00 (42%)
Kabar 1215 USMC Presentation Knife, PlainEdge
$166.95 SAVE 39%
Kabar 9108 US Army Pearl Harbor Commemorative Knife, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath
$89.95 SAVE 28%
Quartermaster Knives QBS-2P Marty McFly BladeExchange Butterfly Knife (4 Inch D2 Drop Point Satin Blade and Trainer Blade) Satin Titanium Handles
$254.95 SAVE 31%
Kabar 9109 USMC Pearl Harbor Commemorative Knife, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath
$89.95 SAVE 28%
Kabar 9160 US Navy 110th Anniv Commemorative Knife, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath
$94.95 SAVE 24%
Camillus 19048 Our Very Best Hunter Fixed Blade Knife, Curly Maple Handle
$156.99 SAVE 24%
Boker 110130DAM Leo Damascus III Knife
$484.95 SAVE 32%
Boker 1132012DAM 2012 Annual Damascus Collectors Knife Folding Knife, Damascus Blade, White Micarta Handles
$390.95 SAVE 32%
Spyderco C205GFBLP Lil Lum Chinese Sprint Folding Knife (2.38 Inch VG10 Leaf Shape Satin Plain Blade) Blue Nishijin Glass Fiber Handle
$131.97 SAVE 40%
Kabar 9110 U.S. Navy Pearl Harbor Commemorative Knife, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath
$89.95 SAVE 28%
Kabar 9168 US Army OEF Afghanistan Commemorative Knife, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath
$71.95 SAVE 42%
Boker Plus Mini Kalashnikov 65 Anniversary Knife, 2.5 Inch Satin PlainEdge, 01KAL63
$35.49 SAVE 31%
Kabar 9127 U.S. Army Operation Iraqi Freedom Commemorative Knife, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath
$71.95 SAVE 42%
Boker Davis Classic Hunter Folding Knife, 3.5 Inch Satin PlainEdge, 110624
$181.95 SAVE 32%
Kabar 9131 US Navy Operation Iraqi Freedom Commemorative Knife, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath
$71.95 SAVE 42%
Timberline 6020 20th Anniversary Kommer Knife
$749.99 SAVE 0%
Boker 111054DAM Leo Damascus II, Aluminum Handle, Ziracote Wood Inserts
$417.95 SAVE 32%
Spyderco C90PGRE2 Stretch 2 Folding Knife (3.45 Inch ZDP189 Satin Plain Blade) British Racing Green FRN Handle
$119.97 SAVE 40%
SOG A01 Arcitech, 20th Anniversary, Jigged Bone Handle, PlainEdge
$302.49 SAVE 38%
Boker 120588 Damascus Hunter Knife, Ziracote Wood Handle, Nickel Silver Guard & Pommel
$320.95 SAVE 32%
Kabar 9140 USMC Vietnam Commerative Fighting/Utility Knife, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath
$71.95 SAVE 42%
SOG FG01-L Forge, VG-10 San Mai, GRN Handle, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath
$215.49 SAVE 38%
Boker 121551 Swiss Dagger Twisted Damascus, Ebony Wood Handle, 500 Piece Limited Edition
$1738.95 SAVE 32%
Spyderco Jot Singh Khalsa Sprint Run Folding Knife C40GP
$191.95 SAVE 36%

Very pleased with my purchase. An absolute reputable site to purchase authentic knives. I received mine very quickly with no hassle and on top of that, the people were very pleasant and helpful. I had an issue with a promo code and I sent in an email and got a response within less than 24 hours. They were very polite and accommodating. I would definitely make another purchase from this website!
--Nicole L - Port Jefferson Station, NY