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Outdoor Edge Knives

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Outdoor Edge Knives designs and manufactures a wide variety of hunting knives, hunting kits, saws and hand tools. Outdoor Edge knives combine functional design with the sharpest, best edge holding steels, state of the art production processes and hand craftsmanship to create top quality knives and hand tools for the big game hunter. Their CEO personally develops and field tests each product on a variety of game to ensure the highest performance and they back everything they make with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Outdoor Edge Razor-Blaze 3.5 Inch Folding Hunting Knife Blaze Orange
$37.95 SAVE 29%
5.0 Out Of 5 (2 Reviews) 5.0
Outdoor Edge OEGS100 Game Skinner Guthook, PlainEdge, Leather Sheath
$66.95 SAVE 24%
Outdoor Edge OEPR1 Game Processor, 12 Piece Portable Butchering Kit
$74.99 SAVE 24%
Outdoor Edge OESB10N Swingblade Hunting Knife, Two Blades in One, Nylon Sheath
$49.99 SAVE 37%
Outdoor Edge OEFC30 Flip N' Zip Knife & Saw Combo, Kraton Handle
$59.99 SAVE 33%
Outdoor Edge OEGP1 Griz-Pak, Includes Kodi-Skinner and Griz-Saw, Zytel Sheath
$62.99 SAVE 32%
Outdoor Edge Game Shears (10 Inch Overall Length) Bakelite Handle, Cordura Nylon Sheath SC100
$18.95 SAVE 26%
Outdoor Edge OESS10 Steel Stick, Brisket Spreader
$7.99 SAVE 33%
Outdoor Edge Zip Blade Hunting Knife Gutting Tool (4 Inch AUS8 Blade) Black Kraton Handle, Nylon Sheath OEZP10
$13.99 SAVE 29%
Outdoor Edge OEAP101 5-DVD Game Processing Library
$49.99 SAVE 28%
Outdoor Edge OEBL1 Butcher-Lite, 8 Piece Field Butcher Kit w/ Roll-Pak
$49.99 SAVE 37%
Outdoor Edge OECL10 Caper Lite Folder, G10 Handle, PlainEdge
$19.99 SAVE 35%
Outdoor Edge OECL10W Caper Lite Folder, Bubinga Wood Handle, PlainEdge
$23.99 SAVE 31%
Outdoor Edge OECS200 Cerama Steel Sharpener
$7.99 SAVE 27%
Outdoor Edge OEDP101 DVD Deer & Big Game Processing Vol 1
$13.99 SAVE 29%
Outdoor Edge OEDT1 Dark Timber Skinner-Caper Hunting Knife Combo, Pakkawood Handle
$49.99 SAVE 37%
Outdoor Edge OEFB1 Fish & Bone Folder, Fillet / Boning Knife, PlainEdge
$12.99 SAVE 31%
Outdoor Edge OEFCB30 Flip N' Blaze Saw Combo
$59.99 SAVE 33%
Outdoor Edge OEFW45 Flip N' Zip Folding Saw
$18.99 SAVE 29%
Outdoor Edge OEFZ10 Flip N' Zip Folding Knife, Single Blade
$39.99 SAVE 32%
Outdoor Edge OEFZ20 Flip N' Zip Folding Knife, Double Blade
$49.99 SAVE 37%
Outdoor Edge OEFZB20 Flip N' Blaze, Skinning & Gutting Blades, Orange Handle
$49.99 SAVE 37%
Outdoor Edge OEGB20 Grip Blaze Folding Skinner, Drop Point, Orange Kraton Handle
$19.99 SAVE 35%
Outdoor Edge OEGL10 Grip Lite Folding Skinner, Drop Point, Black Kraton Handle
$20.99 SAVE 32%
Outdoor Edge OEGSR8 Griz Saw Replacement Blade
$9.99 SAVE 33%
Outdoor Edge OEGW2 Griz Saw, Zytel Sheath
$19.99 SAVE 33%
Outdoor Edge OEHH20N Hybrid Hunter, Drop Point, Fixed Blade, PlainEdge
$44.99 SAVE 34%
Outdoor Edge OEHK30N Hybrid Hook Hunter, Guthook, Fixed Blade, PlainEdge
$47.99 SAVE 34%
Outdoor Edge OEHP1L Hybrid-Pak, Includes Hybrid Hunter, Kodi-Saw and Leather Sheath
$73.99 SAVE 32%
Outdoor Edge OEJP101 DVD-Jerky-Advanced Processing Vol 4
$13.99 SAVE 29%

I bought from here before and you have the best prices anywhere.
--Daniel, Acworth, GA