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A machete is a straight-blade knife that is large enough to tackle woody brush yet compact enough to easily handle.  Whether you're splitting coconuts or doing yard maintenance, a machete is a powerful tool to have on your side.

During the last three centuries, machetes have proven to be the ultimate outdoor knife and survival tool. A good machete will cut, chop, slash, hack, split, scrape, scoop, hammer, dig, crush, carve, whittle, crack or smash just about anything you can put in front of it. The machete also makes a deadly improvised weapon. Choose a kukri machete and you'll also have the additional benefits a curved blade offers. And when you look at its meager cost, a machete got to be one of the best bargains for hard earned cash in the world. Whether you are buying a traditional machete or a kukri style machete, OsoGrandeKnives is standing by to assist you with a machete that is best suited to your needs.

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Ontario OKC22 Blackie Collins 22 Inch D Handle Machete (22 Inch 1095HC Black Oxide Coated Blade) Orange Polymer Handle 8520
$33.95 SAVE 26%
KA-BAR 1279 Grass Machete (14 Inch 1085 Carbon Steel Black Plain Blade) Kraton Handle, Cordura Sheath
$53.95 SAVE 42%
ESEE Knives 18 Inch Machete, Coyote Brown Micarta Handles, No Sheath
$63.99 SAVE 25%
Condor 41620HC Tapanga Machete, Black 20 Inch 1075HC Blade, Hardwood Handle, Black Leather Sheath
$63.99 SAVE 24%
Condor Warlock Machete 12.5 Inch Carbon Steel Blade, Micarta Handles, Leather Sheath CTK253-12.5HC
$97.95 SAVE 24%
Meyerco 18 Inch D-Handle Machete (18 Inch Stainless Steel Sawback Blade) Full Guard Rubber Handle MCMACHETE
$27.99 SAVE 30%
Kershaw Camp 14 Fixed Blade Knife Machete (14 Inch Black Plain Blade) Sure-Grip Handle, Molded Sheath 1076
$44.95 SAVE 35%
Condor Eco-Survivor El Salvador Machete (18 Inch 1075HC Blade) Orange Polypropylene Handle | Canvas Sheath 15218HC
$40.95 SAVE 25%
Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Parang Machete 9.34 Inch Blade 31-002072
$27.95 SAVE 41%
Cold Steel Chinese War Sword Machete (24.0 Inch 1055 Carbon Steel Blade) Faux Cord Wrapped Polypropylene Handle, Cor-Ex Sheath 97TCHS
$44.95 SAVE 25%
Condor 2012MDB Hog Sticker Machete Camo, Black Polypropylene D Handle, Black Leather Sheath
$56.99 SAVE 23%
United Cutlery Black Ronin Ninja Sword Slimline Machete (17.25 Inch Black Tanto Plain Blade) Cord Wrapped Handle + Nylon Sheath UC1184
$27.95 SAVE 37%
5.0 Out Of 5 (2 Reviews) 5.0
Gerber Gator Kukri Machete 12 Inch Blade, Gator Grip Handle, Nylon Sheath 31-002074
$34.95 SAVE 43%
MY Parang Golok 125 Machete (11 Inch Carbon Steel Blade) Wood Handle MYPGLK125
$79.95 SAVE 25%
SOG MC01 SOGFari Sawback Machete (13 Inch High Carbon Steel Blade) Kraton Handle, Nylon Sheath MC01-N
$17.95 SAVE 33%
ESEE Knives Lite Machete Sheath Only
$20.99 SAVE 30%
Ontario CT2 12 Traditional Sawback Machete (12 Inch 1095HC Black Oxide Plain Blade) Polymer Handle 8297
$28.95 SAVE 27%
Cold Steel SC97AM21 Latin Machete 21 Inch Sheath Only
$7.99 SAVE 27%
Condor 2030B Jungle Sabre Machete, Black 18 Inch Stainless Steel Blade, Blue Polypropylene Handle, Black Leather Sheath
$52.99 SAVE 24%
MY Parang Golok 135 Machete (12 Inch Carbon Steel Blade) Wood Handle MYPGLK135
$92.95 SAVE 25%
Condor 2030MDB Jungle Sabre Machete, Camo 18 Inch Stainless Steel Blade, Polypropylene D Handle, Black Leather Sheath
$56.95 SAVE 24%
Cold Steel Panga Machete without Sheath 97LPM
$15.95 SAVE 16%
MY Parang Duku Chandong Machete (12 Inch Carbon Steel Blade) Wood Handle MYPCDG12
$98.95 SAVE 25%
Condor Tool & Knife Sabertooth Machete (12.0 Inch 1075HC Black Plain Blade w/ Sawback) Polypropylene Handle, Nylon Sheath CTK420S-12HC
$39.95 SAVE 27%
Ontario OKC 12 Blackie Collins Camper Machete D Handle (12 Inch 1095HC Black Oxide Coated Blade) Polymer Handle 8510
$29.95 SAVE 20%

Shipping was fast and the person who took my order was friendly and easy to understand. I will be back. 5 Stars!!!!!
--Patrick - Austin, TX