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Buy Knife Sharpeners at  America's Cutlery Specialists.  Lowest Price Guaranteed, Shop Now!

Oso Grande’s selection of over 500 sharpening products will maintain any edge. When you buy your sharpening products from us you can be confident that they're going to work. We only offer high-quality sharpening products and we don't sell gimmicks.  With a little practice you’ll be sharpening kitchen cutlery, pocket knives, garden tools, and more... like a pro! We strive to provide you with honest and helpful advice so you can find the right products for your sharpening needs. And if you have questions, we’re happy to help.

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Hewlett P12 Chef's Choice Diamond Sharp, 12 x 3/4 Inch Sharpening Rod
$27.99 SAVE 24%
GATCO 15002 Extra Coarse Sharpening Hone
$8.99 SAVE 17%
Lansky LDB6E Diamond Bench Stone, 6 x 2 in., Extra Fine
$21.99 SAVE 37%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Lansky LTRCS Cold Steel Sharpener
$7.99 SAVE 19%
Spyderco 400F1S Ceramic File, Square
$12.95 SAVE 31%
Spyderco Double Stuff 2 Sharpening Pocket Stone Sharpener (1 x 5 Inch Fine & Coarse Grit Boron Nitride) 303FCBN2
$44.97 SAVE 40%
Victorinox Forschner 40781 Diamond Sharpening Steel, 10 Inch Round Solid Core, Plastic Handle
$44.99 SAVE 24%
DMT D6C Dia-Sharp D6 6 Inch Continuous Diamond Sharpener, Coarse Grit
$26.99 SAVE 25%
DMT DCMF Diamond Honing Cone Medium
$25.99 SAVE 25%
DMT W250CXWB DuoSharp Bench Stone 10x4 Inch with Duo Base, Coarse/X-Coarse Grits
$130.49 SAVE 25%
DMT W6X Diamond Whetstone 6x2 Inch with Hardwood Case, Black X-Coarse Grit
$48.49 SAVE 25%
DMT W8X Diamond Whetstone 8 Inch with Base, Hardwood Storage Box, Black X-Coarse Grit
$78.99 SAVE 24%
GATCO 15003 Coarse Sharpening Hone
$9.99 SAVE 22%
Lansky LFRTF Folding Diamond Rat Tail Rod
$12.99 SAVE 27%
Spyderco 400F1SP Ceramic File, Slip
$13.49 SAVE 41%
Victorinox Forschner 40089 Sharpening Steel, Dark Wood Handle, 14 Inch Round Regular Cut
$46.99 SAVE 24%
Victorinox Forschner 40782 Diamond Sharpening Steel, 12 Inch Oval Solid Core, Plastic Handle
$59.99 SAVE 24%
DMT D10F Dia-Sharp Benchstone 10 Inch, Fine Grit
$96.99 SAVE 24%
DMT D6CX Dia-Sharp D6 6 Inch Double-Sided Diamond Sharpener, Coarse/X-Coarse Grit
$46.99 SAVE 25%
DMT W250ECNB DuoSharp Bench Stone 10x4 Inch, Extra-Fine/Coarse Grits
$122.99 SAVE 25%
DMT W6XP Diamond Whetstone 6x2 Inch with Plastic Case, Black X-Coarse Grit
$38.99 SAVE 25%
DMT W8XNB Diamond Whetstone 8 Inch with Base, Black X-Coarse Grit
$60.99 SAVE 24%
DMT WS7KC Ski and Snowboard Edge Care Kit Three Stone Set, Coarse/X-Coarse/XX-Coarse
$21.99 SAVE 21%
Hewlett B10 Jewelstik Diamond Bench Stone, 10 x 2.125 Inch
$36.99 SAVE 24%

I HIGHLY recommend this seller! I had an issue, and customer service really went out of their way to correct the situation! I received my item quickly and safely. The item was BETTER than described/anticipated! I am a VERY happy (repeat) customer! Will buy from again!
--DDiven420 -