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Oso Grande carries a complete line of emergency preparedness, survival supplies and survival gear and equipment. We specialize in survival kit components, survival kits, first aid, survival equipment, emergency preparedness products and reference materials. Our goal is to help you survive a crisis or disaster. Along these lines we don't sell everything but we do try to locate and provide the best quality essential survival tools and products available. Of course, it is upto the will of God, whether you will survive a disaster or not. In the end only He can save your life. But, at the same time we are instructed to take prudent steps to safeguard our lives and that is what we encourage people to do--become knowledgeable and take the necessary steps to equip yourself to survive.

Most of the products we sell such as knives, flashlights, Multi-Tools, Camping Gear, Compasses, etc... can also be categorized as "Survival Products". But since we offer thousands of these items they are not listed directly under the "Survival Products" category. Instead please go to the specific category listing for these types of items. For your shopping convenience we have categorized our survival and survival related products into the below referenced product groups so you can quickly locate the product(s) you are looking for.

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Live Fire Gear Live Fire Emergency Fire Starter Original Survival Kit
$12.99 SAVE 18%
eGear W03-005 Windmill Trekker Lighter, Blaze Orange
4.0 Out Of 5 (2 Reviews) 4.0
ESEE Knives Izula Gear Navigation Card Set (5 Plastic Waterproof Survival and Nav Cards)
$11.99 SAVE 17%
Fox 40 Pearl Safety Whistle Black 2 Chamber Pealess (2.25 x .81 Inches) 90DB Sound Rating 09080
$3.99 SAVE 20%
Victorinox Swiss Army VN30479 SOS Kit Part: Comb
$2.99 SAVE 32%
Boker Wilson Tactical Paracord 550 Olive, 09WT301
$8.95 SAVE 30%
Adventure Medical Kits 0140-1223 SOL Thermal Bivvy Sack
$28.99 SAVE 19%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Fox 40 Classic Safety Whistle Pink 3 Chamber Pealess (2.25 x .75 Inches) 115DB Sound Rating 34045
$7.29 SAVE 14%
Adventure Medical Kits 0130-0468 Suture/Syringe Medic
$19.95 SAVE 23%
Columbia River CRKT Tom Stokes Adjustable Paracord Bracelet Black 9400K
$8.99 SAVE 40%
Victorinox Swiss Army VN30422 SOS Kit Part: Large Pen
$3.99 SAVE 33%
Victorinox Swiss Army VN30417 Compass/Ruler
$11.99 SAVE 27%
Live Fire Gear Black 550 FireCord Paracord Nylon Braided 7-Strand + 1 Tinder Core (25 Feet)
$12.49 SAVE 3%
ESEE Knives Survival Kit, E&E Pocket Kit, Coyote Brown
$129.95 SAVE 30%
CRKT Survival Bracelet Accessory, Compass & Fire Starter 9701
$6.95 SAVE 30%
Adventure Medical Kits 0140-0818 SOL Core Light Tool
$16.95 SAVE 32%
UST Micro Sparkwheel Emergency Fire Starting Tool
$3.99 SAVE 20%
Tool Logic K7 Keyring Accessory Combo Pack
$33.99 SAVE 38%
Exotac nanoSTRIKER Firestarter, Blaze Orange
$23.99 SAVE 24%
Columbia River CRKT Jason Scarvalas Quick Release Paracord Bracelet Fuschia 9350FS (Small)
$6.95 SAVE 30%
Live Fire Gear Multicam Camo 550 FireCord Paracord Nylon Braided 7-Strand + 1 Tinder Core (25 Feet)
$12.49 SAVE 3%
GI Camoflauge Face Paint, Green and Loam, NATO Approved Formula, Opens from both ends
$5.99 SAVE 29%
Adventure Medical Kits 5020-0101 Quikclot Sport 25
$14.89 SAVE 0%
CRKT 2380 Ritter RSK Mk5, PlainEdge, Kydex Sheath, Metal Carry Tin
$16.99 SAVE 43%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Columbia River CRKT Jason Scarvalas Quick Release Paracord Bracelet Black 9350KS (Small)
$6.95 SAVE 30%
Tool Logic SL1-T SL1 Light w/ Magnetic LED Flashlight/Whistle, Tin
$23.99 SAVE 37%
Adventure Medical Kits 0130-0417 Travel Medic
$9.95 SAVE %
Dog Tag 001B Titanium Self Defense Knife, Brown Ring
$17.99 SAVE 27%
Boker 09JG242 8 Inch Survival Bracelet, Coyote
$10.95 SAVE 21%
Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel (1-2 Person First Aid Kit) 0130-0435
$39.95 SAVE 24%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0

Thank you for your prompt response! Much appreciated customer service. Peace, Love and Happiness.
--Molly M. - Baltimore, MD