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Cold Steel 62NL Espada, Large
Cold Steel 62NL Espada, Large
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Fixed Blade Kukris

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Kukri Fixed Blade Knives

The Kukri, or Gurkha knife, is a Nepalese machete originally used to clear wooded areas. The Kukri knife is believed to have been descended from the Kopis of Alexander's army. The Kukri blade has a very heavy point and a light handle combined with a forward curve that makes it a very effective weapon in combat or the jungle. It's a traditional weapon for Nepalese people, and also a weapon of choice/side arm for all Nepalese including those serving in different armies around the world. The cutting edge is inwardly curved in shape and is the icon of Nepal. The Kukri blade shape varies a great deal from being quite straight to highly curved with angled or smooth spines. A Khukuris can be used to cut, chop, slash or smash just about anything. You can find the perfect kukri machete for your collection at

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KA-BAR BK21 Becker/Reinhardt Kukri Fixed Blade Knife (13.25 Inch Black 1095 Blade) Nylon Handles
$139.95 SAVE 37%
Cold Steel Chaos Kukri Fixed 12.5 Inch SK-5 Blade (Aluminum Handles) Secure-Ex Sheath 80NTK
$77.95 SAVE 40%
5.0 Out Of 5 (2 Reviews) 5.0
Kabar Combat Kukri Fixed 8.5 Inch Blade, Black Kraton G Handle, Polyester Sheath 1280
$76.95 SAVE 43%
TOPS Knives Cuma TakRi Knife Kukri Fixed Blade, CUMATAKRI
$159.99 SAVE 30%
TOPS Knives Cuma Tak-Ri 2 Knife Kukri Fixed Blade, CUMATK-02
$159.99 SAVE 30%
Kershaw 1077 Camp 10 Fixed Blade, 10 Inch Carbon Steel Blade, Rubber Handles
Super Sale
List Price: $64.95
Save $20.96 (32%)
Condor 255-10HC Heavy Duty Kukri Knife, 10 Inch Carbon Steel Blade, Hardwood Handles, Leather Sheath
$74.95 SAVE 25%
5.0 Out Of 5 (4 Reviews) 5.0
Kabar BK4 Becker Machax Fixed Blade, Grivory Handles, Nylon Sheath
$91.95 SAVE 42%
Boker Magnum 02MB523 Khucom Kukri Fixed Blade Knife, PlainEdge, Micarta Handle
$70.49 SAVE 32%
Cold Steel 39LGKI Gurkha Kukri Plus
$197.99 SAVE 40%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Down Under Knives Red Rock Raptor Knife
Super Sale
List Price: $259.99
Save $80.04 (30%)
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Smith & Wesson Bush Hog Kukri Knife, SWBH
$28.49 SAVE 28%
Kabar 1249 Kukri, PlainEdge, Leather/Cordura Sheath
$56.95 SAVE 39%
Cold Steel 39LGKT Gurkha Kukri
$188.99 SAVE 40%
5.0 Out Of 5 (2 Reviews) 5.0
Cold Steel 35ATCJ Gurkha Kukri, VG1 San Mai III
Super Sale
List Price: $699.99
Save $315.04 (45%)
5.0 Out Of 5 (3 Reviews) 5.0

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