Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome Plated, 5-Pack Razor Blades EDW-DE89BL

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Double Edge Safety Razors

Edwin Jagger DE89BL Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome Plated, 5-Pack Razor Blades. This fabulous traditional double edge safety razor is fitted with the latest precision manufactured Edwin Jagger DE razor blade head creating great interest among experienced wet shavers requiring a close and accurate wet shave with finished results comparable to the original straight cut throat razor. The classic closed comb head is expertly engineered and coated with high quality chrome plate. The highly polished chrome plated handle is capped with chrome plated components. The Edwin Jagger name is embossed around the razor collar. With an Edwin Jagger traditional double edge safety razor you can achieve a very close shave helping to reduce ingrowing hairs. Each DE razor is supplied with 5 Derby safety blades so the razor is shave ready. This three piece traditional razor works with all double edge razor blades. Packaged in a handsome presentation box. Overall length: 3.7 inches (9.5 cm), Handle length: 3.3 inches (8.5 cm). Made in England.

About Edwin Jagger: Edwin Jagger sets the standard for impeccable male grooming. Established in 1988, they are a family-run business where integrity, promise and inspired design go hand in hand. Their unique appeal has much to do with the personal input of the owner and founder, Neil Jagger, who designs every piece with absolute attention to detail and the highest standards of manufacturing. Edwin Jagger exemplifies traditional English quality style combining it with state of the art design, up to the minute manufacturing techniques and the heritage of long established Sheffield craftsmanship.

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Terry Cottrell on 05/11/2012 11:35pm
Safety razor shaving is all about using the weight of the razor to apply just the right amount of pressure. Too light, the shave isn't close. Too heavy, and, well, we've all nicked ourselves on the rush out the door in the morning. The weight and balance of this razor is absolutely perfect. It feels substantial in the hand. Not only does this give a better shave, it gives a faster shave because it does all the work. I can't recommend this highly enough.
Wrangler on 04/20/2012 07:52pm
The best Double edge razor for the money!

This is by far the best Double Edge razor that you can buy today. The head has been engineered to provide an incredibly smooth and slick shave. I had originally bought a Merkur HD to start my DE shaving revival but was never happy with it as the HD is a bit more aggressive and harsher. And the finish is nearly as nice as the Jagger.

The DE89 is put together extremely well and metal parts are chromed superbly. And it provides a smooth close shave with little effort and no blood. The razor is balanced extremely well and you will enjoy using it.

Edwin Jagger has several versions with longer handles (Chatsworth) that others (like myself) prefer, but this is the basic unit and will perform just as well.

Highly Recommended.
Bob Ford on 12/28/2011 02:28pm
I started wet-shaving with a DE about two months ago. The heavily marketed Merkur 33C came out tops and I bought one. Imagine my dismay when I found out how small it was. It shaved ok - but nicked me several times (once taking a patch of skin off). Thanks to other reviewers here, I bought one of these Jaggers and had my first shave with it this morning using one of the Derby blades provided - I now have firsthand experience with what a good shave means! No nicks - 3 passes in the same direction - and it gave me an extremely close shave without burn or nicks.

PLEASE - if you are new to wet shaving try these first - the couple of extra dollars you spend will be so worth it.

Chuck Jose on 11/13/2011 04:43pm
This is a high quality razor. I recently returned to "wet shaving," a luxury if you have the time to properly prepare your whiskers. The reviews about this razor were spot on: a balanced weight (important for a good shave and control) and well-crafted. This design requires removing the head to install the blade, as opposed to a "butterfly" head that opens by twisting the razor's handle.

I have since found a couple of vintage razors at the local flea market that I cleaned and oiled and prefer. If, however, you want a brand new razor, spend the money for one of this quality. After all, it's your face, and this one will last like an heirloom. It comes with five Derby blades, a fine complement to this particular razor. Good shave!

Calvin W. on 09/29/2011 07:14pm
I purchased this razor after reading positive reviews about it. I don't have a really heavy beard but I need to shave every day for work. I have been wetshaving for some time and I own two Merkur razors and a Parker. This razor is as good or better than the Merkurs. It is well made and exceptionally well finished with the shiniest chrome finish I have ever seen. I purchased it because it was reported as a mild shaver which was very forgiving. It gives an excellent and mild shave that gets me as close as anything else I have ever used. I have the model with the lined chrome handle which is very easy to grip and hold. I've seen the same model advertised with a plastic accent on the handle but I thought they might tend to be slippery so I passed on them.

This razor is an excellent product for me and I don't think it will disappoint anyone else.

Jim Scott on 04/24/2011 06:26pm
The razor is well-made, elegant and completely functional. Everything I expected. The shave is close but not aggressive. Service was fast and easy.
C Tom Tuzza on 01/20/2011 11:56am
I've owned numerous DE (Double Edge) razors including vintage Gillettes and the Merkur 33HD. Some wet shavers enjoy having numerous razors in their rotation, but I really just wanted to find one great razor. I found it in the EJ. The EJ shaves much smoother than the Merkur, and shaved better than just about any vintage Gillette I owned. I decided to sell the only razor than came close, a Gillette Rocket HD, because it was a $75.00 razor that I happened to pick up for $10.00.

I highly recommend this razor to beginners and experienced wet shavers. The finish is amazing, and much nicer than the Merkur. The only concern was the handle, but so long as there is no soap on you hand or the handle, the grip is fine. Great razor!

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