Boker Plus V-42 Devils Brigade Dagger Fixed (7 Inch V42 Double-Edge Black Plain Blade) Leather Handle + Leather Sheath (Old Sku 02BO1942) 02BO109

MANUFACTURER: Boker Plus Knives
MPN: 02BO1942
Retail Price: $147.95
Our Price:
You Save: $22.19 (14%)

In July 1942, the legendary Devil's Brigade emerged, formally known as the 1st Special Service Force, uniting American and Canadian soldiers for specialized operations behind enemy lines during World War II. Renowned for their daring night missions, where faces were blackened for stealth, they earned the feared moniker "Black Devils" from the German Armed Forces, showcasing the profound respect their adversaries held for this elite unit. Operating extensively in Italy and France from 1943 to 1944, the 1st SSF played a pivotal role in critical wartime scenarios. Central to their arsenal was the iconic V-42 combat knife, featuring a distinctive design with a leather-wrapped handle and a tapered striking piece for close combat encounters. Crafted from SK85 carbon steel, the double-edged blade, adorned with the emblem of the US Army's Special Forces, remains a symbol of their legacy. Boker's offering includes this esteemed collector's item, complete with a traditional leather sheath, the unit's iconic red spearhead insignia, and a reproduction of the original German-language sticker used for psychological warfare behind enemy lines. This military-historical ensemble stands as a testament to the bravery and ingenuity of the Devil's Brigade, a treasure for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Previously marketed as 02BO047, 02BO1942.

Boker Plus Knives - 02BO1942 Specifications:

  • Overall Length:
    12.00 in.
  • Blade Length:
    7.00 in.
  • Cutting Edge Length:
    5.50 in.
  • Blade Thickness:
    0.20 in.
  • Blade Width:
  • Blade Material:
    SK-85 Carbon Steel
  • Blade Hardness:
    58-60 HRC
  • Blade Style:
    Double-Edge Spearpoint Dagger
  • Blade Grind:
    Flat Ground
  • Blade Finish:
    Matte Black
  • Edge Type:
  • Handle Length:
    5.00 in.
  • Handle Width:
  • Handle Thickness:
  • Handle Material:
  • Handle Color:
  • Weight:
    6.91 oz.
  • Sheath:
    Leather Sheath
  • Knife Type:
    Fixed Blade
  • Brand:
    Boker Plus
  • Model:
    V-42 Devils Brigade
  • Model Number:
    02BO109 (Old Sku 02BO047, 02BO1942)
  • Designer:
  • Country of Origin:
  • UPC:

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Jim on 09/05/2023 05:35pm
1: The cross guard is straight like the original! This made my day because I ordered this knife in spite of the bent cross guard Boker previously had on this knife.

Overall the knife and sheath look great! No torture testing done or planned. I have other real world knives. This is a letter opener I've always wanted.

imho, The heavier handle of the Fairbairn-Sykes would be better for actual use. Yes, I have one of those too. It feels much better in the hand because of the heavier handle. ymmv
S.A. Wilson on 02/25/2022 08:25am
This knife is for killing things. Other than the original Fairbairn-Sykes knives it was based on, there may not be a better fighting knife. There are arguments to be made about whether or not you want a skull cracking pommel on a 7 ounce knife with the center of gravity balanced behind the guard on a very long and very sharp blade designed for piercing to the heart through the ribs on a man. You can convincingly argue either design philosophy, or just buy both.

: )

That's what this knife is. It's the serious unfair advantage you can have if you train with this style of dagger. It's thicker than a typical knife blade someone else has, so it has the stronger blade. But, it's lighter so it's faster. You can get 5 full 7" deep strikes a second with this knife if you get an opening. You can't do that with a KA-BAR anything.

But worse, it's a stupidly strong, insanely sharp double edged thin blade that is easily twice as fast as any other long blade design. In the hands of an expert at controlling engagement range, it becomes an evil arm muscle fillet creator, capable of making piles of yummy fillets from your opponent's arm meat so perfectly, it's psychologically disturbing. Again, this knife is made to kill people.;

The steel is crazy strong SK5 hardened to a good 60 Rockwell, on top of being thicker than most combat blades. It's a true razor sharp double edge that comes to a scary sharp point. It has a dedicated thumb groove over the guard, per the original, so you can easily stab someone between the ribs sideways to get to their heart. Again, this knife is designed to kill things. That's it. It's 7 ounces of stupidly hard blade that can break other knife blades, but go 7 inches into something to it's heart very easily. If that's what you want, this is your knife. I'd just hope you are putting it away somewhere. It's also a collectible that actually should increase in value. It's not just perhaps the absolute greatest fighting knife you can buy, if you still want that unfair advantage that comes from purpose specific design. I mean, I guess being able to start a fire or prepare salsa is important also.
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Out of all the knife places I've dealt with Oso Grande is by far the best when it comes to pricing, fast shipping and excellent customer service.
--Jeffrey S - Smithtown, NY

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