Sabre Pocket Self Defense 3 in 1 Spray (Police Strength .75 oz. Pepper Spray Unit with Clip) SA70022

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MPN: P-22

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Sabre Pocket Self Defense 3 in 1 Spray Unit, 0.75 oz. with Clip. The Pocket Unit with Clip is a very compact canister with Clip to increase accessibility. This is the preferred option for the non-key chain user. It also provides an option for not wishing to draw attention to their self-defense spray. The powerful 0.75 oz Pocket Unit with Clip delivers a ballistic stream which reduces wind blow-back. This compact canister delivers approximately 35 shots with a range of 8-10 feet.

Sabre Self Defense Spray - P-22 Specifications:

  • Model #:
  • 0.75 oz Pocket Unit with Clip
  • Projects 8-10 Feet
  • Ballistic Stream Delivery - Reduces Wind Blow-Back
  • Contains Approximately 35 Shots
  • Place discreetly in your shirt or jacket pocket
  • Great Stopping Power - SABRE products are used by the NYPD, US Marshals and thousands of police departments worldwide
  • State laws prohibit us from shipping this pepper spray model to AK, HI, MA, NJ or NY
  • SABRE Pepper Spray Pocket Unit with Clip contains CS Tear Gas, Red Pepper and UV Dye.

Sabre® Pepper Spray gives you all the following and more...

  • Up to 4 Year Shelf Life - Most sprays lose there potency after 2 years.
  • Advanced 3-in-1 formulation - Will stop your attacker quicker and more effectively.
  • Hotter than the average Law Enforcement Spray. Police strength sprays are generally less potent do to concerns with unnecessary force.
  • Fires approximately 75% longer than the competition - When your life is at stake the last thing you want to happen is to run out of pepper spray.
  • Never needs to be shaken - Unlike a lot of brands the propellant and carriers used in our Sabre products are soluble with the active ingredients and therefore no shaking is needed to maintain optimum potency.

Once SABRE® comes into contact with one's facial area, the following will occur:

  • Light Headedness
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Temporary Blindness
  • Confusion and Disorientation
  • Tearing and Burning of the Eyes
  • Uncontrollable Coughing, Gagging and Possible Vomiting

SABRE® combines both an irritant (CS Military Tear Gas) and an inflammatory (Oleoresin Capsicum/Red Pepper) to produce a blended formulation, which is superior to all single ingredient defense sprays! Compare the benefits of Sabre pepper spray with any other on the market. We're sure you'll discover why so many people choose Sabre pepper spray over any other. But please order now, don't wait and find yourself saying I should have... or I wish I had... because how safe you are can change in an instant.

This Sabre® Pepper Spray combines the powerful inflammatory effect of RED PEPPER with CS tear gas and invisible ultraviolet dye to aid in suspect identification.

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Cindy Moen on 12/30/2021 02:11pm
Keep it in a safe but quickly accessible area because it is really strong and you do not want it to be accidentally discharged or used against you.
OGK Customer on 08/25/2021 11:33am
SABRES Pepper Spray exceeded my expectations. I was able to defend myself during an attempted mugging by two thugs in the middle of the night. Two thugs arrived from my back, stopped me and made a demand. Although I was nervous I put my hand in my pocket and the SABRE, readied and withdrew it of my pocket and aimed at the thug infront and sprayed generously. While he was in shock at what had hit him while itching and covering his eyes and nose, I aimed at the second and applied same amount. Both had their hands on their faces while running away like scared chicken. That night I felt confident in the middle of danger first in my life. SABRE was my friend and bodyguard that night. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you a million times!
Dennis Carroll on 05/01/2018 10:18am
Simple, cheap, easy to use self defense product anyone can use. Delivery take no time. Buy 2 or 3 for everyone in family.
Georgia Prepper on 12/01/2015 03:41pm
I'm a major supporter of being prepared for anything especially in the world we live in today. This is powerful stuff and i carry it everywhere with me.
Valerie on 03/02/2015 06:35am
Ive never even used this pepper spray but its nice to have and makes me feel a bit safer.
John Moore on 01/12/2015 11:41am
For my daughter, especially when she is out jogging or at school.
Shadow Law Leader on 01/02/2015 06:10am
I watched the video on OsoGrandeKnives Youtube channel and I had the same reaction as these guys when I got pepper sprayed in jail by the correctional officers - lol hahaha
I'm buying this, because I know from experience that it works. Especially when the attacker has no idea what's going on with their EYES, BREATHING, etc.
The first thing I thought was. "How can I get my vision back to normal?!"
A little panic set in while the guards laughed. Hey, it was a learning experience.
"This is a better tool than a knife, you don't have to use deadly force to stop a person, Sabre Red works."%uFEFF
Nate Taylor on 10/28/2014 05:06pm
It a strange time we live in and being safe is always a good thing.
Sally Trevino on 09/03/2014 10:42am
Fortunately I hasn't been necessary to use it against a human mugger but it worked marvelously when a dog attacked me while I was jogging.
Chuck 90 on 08/25/2014 09:57am
Great to have when you cannot carry a firearm or as backup protection. Great concealability.
Cristina M on 07/01/2014 12:24am
Small and easy to use!
OGK Customer on 07/21/2013 05:31pm
It works. I recently used it and the attacker moved on.
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I was able to find an Emerson Mini A-100 which was unavailable or back ordered elsewhere. The price was good and shipping was very quick (two days). I will definitely buy though them again.
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