Cold Steel Heavy Duty Sword Cane (37.5 Inches Overall) Grivory and Aluminum Shaft 88SCFD

MANUFACTURER: Cold Steel Knives
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We have been intrigued with the potential of sword canes ever since Major Morris Wright used one to grievously injure Jim Bowie in their famous fight on the Vidalia Sand Bar so many years ago. There are few weapons that can be put into action faster than our sword canes. Just give the handle a firm tug and the blade will literally leap into your hand!

Cold Steel's design concept for the Heavy Sword Cane was to make a cane that offered significant support, and be stylish enough so that it didn't look like a stodgy piece of medical equipment. The result is a very appealing cane with an extra strong partial crook handle made from Grivory, with a black, aluminum shaft that's 2mm thick and heat-treated for strength. The shaft is handsomely tapered and capped with a thick rubber ferrule for better traction on slick, icy sidewalks or uneven terrain. The concealed sword is easily released by a hard, quick tug on the handle to break the suction of its friction lock. It's an extremely formidable sword too, made from stainless steel, a little over 24 inches in length and 5.5mm thick. It's sturdy enough for both cutting and thrusting, with one long cutting edge, a strong sharp point, and a fully sharpened back edge. It's more than enough to take down any attacker, and the heavy aluminum shaft of your cane makes a fine weak hand parrying weapon and a frightfully effective bludgeon in its own right.

Cold Steel Knives - CS88SCFD Specifications:

  • Overall Length:
    37.50 in.
  • Blade Length:
    24.25 in.
  • Blade Material:
    Stainless Steel
  • Blade Thickness:
    5.5 mm
  • Shaft Material:
    Grivory with Aluminum
  • Weight:
    30.0 oz. with Shaft
  • Weight:
    16.0 oz. without Shaft
  • Handle Material:
  • Manufacturer:
    Cold Steel
  • Model:
    Heavy-Duty Sword Cane
  • Model Number:
  • Made in Taiwan
  • UPC Code:


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Giovanni on 02/04/2024 10:19am
I bought one of these and found out that my butter knives are sharper than it is. Furthermore, the heat treatment makes it very hard to sharpen it.
Sam on 08/21/2023 10:54am
This cane sword is well built and will work great for self defense due to the quick draw and super pointed tip. Buy it, you wont regret it.
TC Hall on 01/27/2023 02:19pm
This is my second heavy duty sword cane. The first one is in a box somewhere after three moves in a year due to changing jobs.
This is my best orthopedic device. Strong enough to lean on when getting up from the floor and a dependable support everywhere.
Had to shorten it to fit my short leg length, took a very cautious inch off the top and it holds even tighter than when it came out of the box.
The friction joint is tight enough to stand casual examination, but comes loose as needed.
This is part of my EDC and an essential in mobility.
Ray Ramirez on 01/16/2023 08:54am
This really is a heavy duty cane. I am a big man (6'4" and 300 lbs.) and I trust this cane to hold my weight with a surprise bonus that it has a hidden sword. Thank you CS and OGK.
GlockTX on 01/15/2023 03:12pm
A essential piece of kit for anyone! Thugs and felons travel in groups, it's why you never leave home without 200 grains, and a heavy duty sword cane! Stack the odds in your favor, CS has you covered!
Robert T on 09/24/2021 01:48pm
This cold steel sword cane is the best one out there. Its strong, durable and fits into the cane sheath nice and tight. No rattles. Pulls fast and smooth with a yank. It is good for both men and women in the dangerous world in which we live. One must be capable of defending themselves because God knows with the defunding of the police that you cant rely on them to protect you. Its an all around perfect walking cane and self protection tool. You will be very pleased.
Jim Pepper on 07/27/2021 11:59am
Very nice sword cane. Fit and Finish is great. I am a big man and I trust this cane completely. It is very sturdy. OGK is a great company to deal with.
David Medina on 04/26/2021 02:55am
I have owned two of these. Regrettably the first one was stolen. This sword cane is definitely not a toy. It is easily able to dispatch of an attacker. The blade itself is not something you're just going to bend or flex. The point is extremely sharp very tough and will easily depending the amount of force utilized will easily go through half of a 2x4. I have dropped the sword from about 6 in" from a hardwood floor and between the weight and the sharpness of the point it stuck itself into the floor and did not fall. I guess my brother-in-law was glad that we did not do this in a conspicuous part of his dining room floor, but he lost that $50 bet. Regarding the sheath, it is very solid and can be used to defend all by itself. The cane was a little tall for me (5'9"). Don't have any concern here. The blade itself does not reach all the way to the bottom of the shaft. You have at least two and a half to three inches before the blade touches the rubber cup at the bottom. The way I remedied the problem is quite east. What I did and recommend is to get yourself a pipe cutter. I wanted to shorten the over all length. Use the pipe cutter on the top of the sheath. I do not recommend cutting the sheath down by the floor rubber stopper. Use the pipe cutter to cut off what you don't need. Then use some fine sandpaper wrapped around a dowel. I was carefully removed the sharpened edge that the pipe cutter will leave on the inside of the sheath. Be careful here not to remove too much material. Remember one thing. You can always take more material, off but you cannot add material, so take your time. Shorten slowly. Other than that I can happily report that if you need a cane, which I need on a daily basis due to a spinal injury, this is exactly what you would want to use as your cane. Since I found this cane roughly 5 years ago, I don't feel like I'm walking around defenseless.
William freeland on 10/30/2017 06:24am
Great sword cane. Definitely is heavy duty and looks like a real cane.
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The guys Oso Grande Knives provided great communication and followed up promptly to all my questions. The product arrived exactly when they said it would.
--Jack T - Las Vegas, NV

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