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Merkur Classic 1904 Safety Razor (Open Tooth Comb, Nickel Finish) 41 001

MANUFACTURER: Merkur Solingen
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Merkur 41 001 Classic 1904 Safety Razor, Open Tooth Comb, Nickel Finish, Germany. The Merkur model 41 001 or 41C is a fabulously finished exact replica of the original, famous and much loved 1904 Gillette Safety Razor. The antique style six sided, engraved handle provides excellent grip and the overall look of this beautiful razor is Retro Cool. With it's open tooth comb (the Merkur 42 is the a smooth bar version of this razor) this magnificent example of fine German engineering is suitable for beginners and experienced DE shavers alike. The Merkur 41 is a timeless classic. The Merkur 41C is made from nickel plated chrome which gives it the perfect weight and balance for a close shave.

Product Features:

  • One Super Stainless Blade Included
  • Open tooth comb
  • Exact replica of the original, famous and much loved 1904 Gillette Safety Razor
  • Perfect weight and balance for a close shave
  • Product contains no plastics, environmental friendly to use
  • Made in Solingen, Germany

About Merkur... Made with Old World Quality & Craftsmanship, Merkur razors will produce the closest, smoothest shave you've ever had. Offering a full line of safety razors, from traditional style to more modern Mach 3 designs, Merkur offers the best of old and new world.


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K.M. Smith, Mound City, KS on 05/14/2012 01:46am
I've had the Merkur "1904" Classic Razor for a little over a year now and I love it! The razor itself still looks the same as the day I received it. I haven't had any issues with the finish or changing the blades. It's heavy and cuts very well. All you do is glide it along your face and let the weight of the razor do the cutting for you. It took me about a month of shaving with the DE before I was as comfortable doing it as I previously was using a Gillette Atra twin blade. Now that I have switched I won't ever go back! I have eliminated ingrown hairs on my neck. I always had a problem with the cartridge style razors pulling my neck hair out. There is no pulling with this razor, it smoothly cuts through each hair as long as you've prepped properly.
Carlton Reth on 12/04/2011 01:49pm
Shave like a man. I for one have never really liked my electric shaver, I have tried four or five different styles of them, they are convenient to be sure, and they do an ok job, but they are expensive, and when it's time to replace the blades, it's usually cheaper just to buy a new razor. I've also tried a number of the "multi-blade" razors out there, and found that one blade gets just as close as five. My fall back go to razor has always been a bic sensitive skin disposable razor. They are inexpensive and always perform and get closer than any multi-blade or electric razor ever could. I then decided to try a straight razor, the Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor to be exact. I didn't want to try an expensive one or one that required sharpening and stropping, because I really wasn't sure how it was going to work out for me. Long story short, I almost cut my head off on more than one occasion, so I retired it and chalked it up to my inexperience with that particular type of razor. It is a good razor and uses disposable blades, but just not for me. Then I decided to try the old school safety razor, specifically this one. It is very solid, heavy, and smaller than the bic disposables I'm used to, but then again I never really grabbed a razor with my whole fist either. I have to say that this is by far the best razor I have ever used. I shave daily and can forsee using this daily, and I can also see that it would work well with thicker beards and moustaches as well. The weight is nice as it makes shaving easier, smoother, and more fluid, I can say that I honestly shave faster, get a cleaner shave, and no nicks, tugs, or cuts with it. It is the most perfect shave I have ever had.
Gary Cooper on 11/24/2011 11:19am
I have been enjoying my Merkur for about six months now. I own an Edwin Jagger. My Edwin Jagger is fantastic, as is the Merkur. Everyone should be shaving with a safety razor, I don't know why we went away from them. I hear everyone complaining about the short handles, but remember, you don't want to push the blade to your face. That was one of the problems I have with long handle safety razors, I tend to push. The short handle keeps you from applying pressure. Short handles are where it's at. If you miss your long handle, it's because you were doing it wrong. When a review says they didn't like the short handle, just ignore the comment.
Guy Shidner on 05/10/2011 08:50pm
This safety razor is beautiful. It shaves like a dream once you get your technique down. I would've given it 5 stars, but the teeth are a touch hard to clean. I literally had to take the razor out and clean each individual slot.
Oscar Moreno on 04/24/2011 06:26pm
It's 3 pieces of steel. There's nothing that can really go wrong, and nothing that will really wear out. It's easy to maintain, because once you've changed the blade, you've taken it completely apart to clean it as well. One caveat: If you,re used to modern razors, don,t buy this and assume you,re going to get a great shave right out of the box. You need to learn how to use it. Do your homework, and you will be rewarded with much more comfortable shaves.
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A Big shout out to osogrande. Service was fantastic and the ship Time to Canada was like four days, amazing!!!
--Brad - Pembroke Ontario, CANADA