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SwedePro Safety Products

SwedePro Safety Products

SwedePro™ manufactures protective products for the woodcutter. SwedePro™ products are manufactured with Engtex™ protective jamming material, a high-tech fabric of polyester, Trevia™ and polypropylene fibers. The special structure of the fabric make it easy for the saw chain to pull and draw the fibers into the chain saw. Each fiber is built up of a lot of fine filaments to fill the moving parts of the chain saw. The protective material is certified by ISO-9000 and carries U.S. Patent Number 5,415,007. This chain saw material was developed exclusively for use with chain saws. Our SwedePro/Engtex™ products passed UL© testing with zero cut-throughs and at least two layers remaining.

And our products are machine washer and dryer safe, lightweight, breathable and low-cost! SwedePro™ manufactures: Apron Chaps, Wrap Chaps, Chainsaw-Protective Denim Pants, Summer Pants, Winter Pants, Gloves, Shirts and Vests. SwedePro™ also manufactures Pocket First Aid Kits, Wedge Tool Pouchs and hard-hat accessories.

OSHA Regulation 1910.266 requires all employed chain saw operators to use head, hearing and face or eye protection, gloves, protective leg devices, footwear, jobsite first aid kits, signaling equipment and job training and SwedePro™ manufactures the best equipment on the market today!

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Excellent service. I live out of Usa and they sent me the products I wanted in the time they specified. The products were in perfect condition and I totally recomend their shop, adding the excellent customer service. I hope to buy something else again.
--Vakkio - Kelowna, BC, Canada