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Buy Knife Sharpeners at  America's Cutlery Specialists.  Lowest Price Guaranteed, Shop Now!

Oso Grande’s selection of over 500 sharpening products will maintain any edge. When you buy your sharpening products from us you can be confident that they're going to work. We only offer high-quality sharpening products and we don't sell gimmicks.  With a little practice you’ll be sharpening kitchen cutlery, pocket knives, garden tools, and more... like a pro! We strive to provide you with honest and helpful advice so you can find the right products for your sharpening needs. And if you have questions, we’re happy to help.

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Spyderco 204F1 Triangle Stone, Fine
$12.95 SAVE 18%
DMT FWFC Diafold Double-Sided Diamond Whetstone, Fine/Coarse
$36.95 SAVE 24%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Lansky LDB6M Diamond Bench Stone, 6 x 2 in., Medium
$21.99 SAVE 37%
Hewlett B12 Diamond Bench Stone, 2x12 Inch
$45.99 SAVE 24%
GATCO 80080 Natural Soft Arkansas Stone, 8x2x.50 Inch, Wood Case
$22.99 SAVE 36%
Lansky LDB8C Diamond Bench Stone, 8 Coarse
$28.99 SAVE 35%
Lansky LK3DM Diamond Standard Sharpening System, Coarse, Medium, Fine
$61.49 SAVE 44%
DMT D6EF Dia-Sharp D6 6 Inch Double-Sided Diamond Sharpener, Fine/Extra Fine Grit
$46.99 SAVE 25%
DMT FF70F Angler Mini Sharp Diamond Pocket Sharpener (Red Fine Grit) DMTFF70F
$13.95 SAVE 17%
Herold Solingen German Stagenpasta Red Strop Paste (Medium Grind) HS401
$3.95 SAVE 34%
GATCO 80090 Natural Soft Arkansas Pocket Stone, 3x1x.25 Inch, Leather Case
$7.19 SAVE 20%
Lansky LROD4 Sharpening Hone Guide Rod, 4 Pack
$2.89 SAVE 27%
SOG Firestarter Knife Sharpener (Fine Diamond Grit Sharpening Pad and Cylindrical Ceramic Sharpener) Keychain Tool SH03
$12.99 SAVE 35%
Boker 09KE181 Magnum Fine 6000 Grit King Sharpening Stone
$67.95 SAVE 32%
DMT A4EE Diamond Stone for Aligner Kit, 4.375 Inch, Tan Extra Extra Fine Grit
$16.99 SAVE 15%
DMT DP3 Dia-Paste Diamond Compound 3 Micron Yellow, Glossy Finish
$13.99 SAVE 17%
Herold Solingen German Stagenpasta Black Strop Paste (Fine Grind for Sharpening and Polishing) HS402
$3.95 SAVE 34%
Lansky Super Arkansas Pocket Sharpening Stone (3 Inch Hard LSAPS
$6.95 SAVE 30%
Spyderco 302F Ceramic Bench Stone Fine Grit Knife Sharpening Stone (2x8 Inch)
$44.95 SAVE 35%
Boker 09KE182 Shiageto Fine Benchstone, 1500 Grit
$41.95 SAVE 32%
DMT A4F Diamond Stone for Aligner Kit, 4.375 Inch, Red Fine Grit
$16.99 SAVE 15%
DMT Dia-Sharp Off Set Diamond Sharpener (Green X-Fine Grit) DMTOD2E
$8.49 SAVE 22%
Herold Solingen German Stagenpasta Green Strop Paste (Coarse Grind for Sharpening) HS403
$3.95 SAVE 34%
Lansky LBS6H 2 X 6 Hard Arkansas Benchstone
$17.99 SAVE 35%
Lansky LSERT Lansky Serrated Hone, Fine, Maroon
$9.99 SAVE 16%
Hewlett C12 Chef's Choice Diamond Sharp, 12 x 1/2 Sharpening Rod
$23.49 SAVE 24%
Herold Solingen German Stagen Pasta Solid Double Paste for Razor Strops (Red and Black Paste) HS501
$7.95 SAVE 33%
Lansky LSMRT Serrated Hone, Medium Grit, Tan
$9.99 SAVE 16%
Lansky S0600 Arkansas Hone, Blue, Fine
$8.99 SAVE 35%
DMT W8CXNB DuoSharp Double-Sided Diamond Whetstone 8 Inch, Coarse/X-Coarse Grits
$86.99 SAVE 25%

It's easy to write, when all you do is tell the truth. I personally do not believe you have any competition. Your attention to detail, superb staff, extraordinary products, phenomenal service, and outstanding prices ensure that. The professionalism that you all exhibit is the benchmark all others will have to try and measure up to... Perhaps not impossible, but daunting to say the least. In having you as an "aiming point," the industry will have to improve, if it wants to even approach you, and your company... The end result will be better for everyone. Please keep-up the great work.
--Carter - Toquerville, UT