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Ceramic knives retain an extremely sharp edge which means that your ceramic pocket knife will be ready to cut whenever required! The blades are extremely hard but the edge can be improved by sharpening with a 600 grit diamond hone and ultra fine silicone carbide wet/dry sanding paper. Ceramic knives are in high demand within the EOD Community. Ceramic blades also have some very specific industrial uses such as the trimming of aerospace composite molded parts. Another common app for the ceramic blade is the cutting Kevlar or other very tough fabrics/ropes such as spectra lines. If you want a knife that is super sharp and stays that way and has a non-magnetic signature then a ceramic blade is the right choice.

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This was my first experience with OsoGrandeKnives.com and I was very satisfied with the ease of ordering and prompt shipping of my knife. I definitely plan on doing business with you guys again, thanks!
--Derrick P - Riverside, CA

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