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Shops small axes, hatchets and practical outdoors axes at OsoGrandeKnives

Hatchets are short-handled axes often with a hammerhead that are designed to be used with one hand. Hatchets are very compact chopping tools which can also double as a large knife when needed. OsoGrandeKnives carries a great selection of the world's best hatchets all at fantastic prices. We're sure we've got the model that you need.

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Estwing 24A Sportsmans Axe, Laminated Leather Handle, 14 Inch
$43.49 SAVE 24%
SOG Base Camp Axe Hatchet (16 Inches Overall) Rubber Molded Handle F16N | F16N-CP
$49.95 SAVE 25%
Ontario SP16 SPAX Orange Firefighter Axe Tool (8 Inch Carbon Steel Blade) Orange Kraton Handle + Leather Cordura Sheath 8687OR
$59.95 SAVE 38%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Karesuando Kniven Stoera Áksu Big Axe Hatchet (11.5 Inch Brown Oiled Curly Birch Handle) Leather Sheath and Diamond Sharpener 4014
$200.99 SAVE 10%
Karesuando Kniven Stoera Áksu Big Axe Hatchet (11.5 Inch Natural Oiled Curly Birch Handle) Leather Sheath and Diamond Sharpener 4013
$200.99 SAVE 10%
Firestone 1201 Belt Axe with Sheath
$138.99 SAVE 24%
Ontario SP16 SPAX Military Breaching Tool Axe (8.0 Inch 1095 Carbon Steel Blade) Kraton Handle + FG/UC Cordura Sheath 8422
$136.49 SAVE 39%
5.0 Out Of 5 (1 Review) 5.0
Kershaw Duck Commander Quax Axe Hatchet 7400DCX (13.0 Inches Overall) Brown GFN Handle
$39.95 SAVE 33%
Ontario Ranger RD Hawk Tactical Tomahawk Hatchet (12 Inches Overall) Black Micarta Handle + Nylon Sheath 9425BM
Super Sale
List Price: $199.55
Save $94.60 (47%)
TOPS Knives HAKET Tactical Tomahawk (2 Inch 1095 Carbon Steel Heads) Chrome Moly Tube Handle with Nylon Sheath HAKET01TK
$179.99 SAVE 24%
Columbia River CRKT RMJ Rune Compact Tactical Axe Tomahawk with Spike (6.69 Inch SK5 Carbon Steel Blade) 12 Inch GRN Handle GRN Sheath 2737
$89.95 SAVE 40%
Condor 3000B Wilderness Tool, Black 12 Inch Stainless Blade, Santoprene Handle, Black Leather Sheath
$55.98 SAVE 20%
Condor 4000S Belt Hatchet, Gray Double Bit 420HC Stainless Head, Hardwood Handle
$72.23 SAVE 15%
Timberline 6014 Kommer Canoe Hatchet
$48.49 SAVE 36%
Karesuando Kniven Unna Áksu Hunters Axe (8.75 Inch Walnut and Reindeer Antler Handle) Leather Sheath + Diamond Sharpener 3639W
$173.99 SAVE 17%
Timberline 6043 Kommer Hatchet, Bush Guide Skinner Combo
$63.99 SAVE 36%

Looking around the net for good sales on gear and knives. You have the largest selection and best prices.
--Anthony - Vista CA