Exotac MATCHCAP XL Survival Match Case w/ Striker (Aluminum Waterproof Capsule) Orange ET1200ORG

MANUFACTURER: Exotac Survival Products
MPN: 1200ORG
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Exotac MATCHCAP XL Survival Match Case Waterproof Capsule, Orange. We put evolution on the fast track when we decided to perfect the MATCHCAP. The MATCHCAP XL is the culmination of countless trips into the woods and a few fire-related mishaps. We doubled the capacity and increased the striking surface by 250%. This thing is serious!

The MATCHCAP XL™ isn't limited to just matches. Using a Stormproof (2.9" long) match, the new design leaves 0.3" to spare for tinder storage. If using kitchen matches, nearly half of the MATCHCAP XL™ is available for storage. Use the extra space to store water purification tablets, tinder, medicine, fishing hooks, first aid kit, etc.

For maximum match capacity, place a majority of the matches head up with a few head down.


  • Same reliable design as the MATCHCAP original
  • Larger, improved striking surfaces
  • Straight-walled inside diameter for easy access
  • Scalloped body allows easy match removal
  • Larger diameter and height for increased capacity
  • Fits matches more than 2.9" in length
  • Diameter:
  • Length:
  • Weight:
    1.25 oz.
  • Strikes:
    25-50 per pad
  • Capacity Kitchen Matches:
  • Capacity Stormproof Matches:
  • NATO Matches:


  • Extra O-rings
  • Extra match strikers
  • User manual

About Exotac Outdoor Gear... Exotac, Inc. is what happens when Engineers and guys-who-love-the-outdoors are combined. They are a privately held, family owned small business based out of Buford, Georgia. The company was started by a Purdue Engineering graduate with a passion for all things man and earth made. They combined some aluminum with a little dirt and the rest is history!

Their vision is based upon designing extraordinary, high-quality and unique outdoor products. They spare no expense and make absolutely no compromises when it comes to product design and manufacturing quality. Their products are not mass-manufactured by the lowest bidder. They manufacture each product in smaller quantity runs which allows them to make improvments along the way.

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Jordan Willis on 09/20/2021 12:03pm
Decent little match case, I like it. It's a good emergency hiking fire kit, fits plenty of matches and has some room for a little cotton and some extra striking pads. If I had any complaint it would be the weight, its a little heavy but it does protect well.
Moose on 08/23/2016 01:38pm
I have complete confidence that whatever I put in this thing will stay that dry. Exotac is the Cadillac of outdoor gear. Top quality. This guy is large enough to hold those huge storm proof matches. Or a bunch of regular sized kitchen matches plus tinder material. This thing is like a tiny waterproof vault. High quality Viton O rings are the best. Guaranteed to keep water out. You know your striking pad is not gonna be a useless mess when you really need it. Made of very high quality 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. I was a machinist in the aerospace industry for almost 35 years and this item is as well made as any aircraft part. It even floats! What more could you possibly ask? Proudly made in the USA. Yes. It is expensive. High quality always is. But cheap crap is not the way to go when it comes to something that may just make the difference between life and death one day.
Edgar Romero on 04/05/2016 10:57am
Great addition to my hiking/camping backpack.
Gunner E on 09/03/2014 05:25pm
This match safe is well made and the seal extremely tight. Along with the rubber gasket in place and the striker on the side already in place. There is an additional black o-ring and two strikers inside the case. It is very well made. It screws quite a bit but the threading is to provide waterproofing. It is light and easy to find in a gear bag. The place made for attachment can be good for carabiner paracord or whatever means you want to attach the item. The base is knurled. The bottom rough textured. Both of which can be used as strikers. I put a 25 match stormproof also from UCO inside along with its extra strikers all fitting snug. A test strike on the base proved to light so the others are for backup. This is the best match case I have had. A toss in the sink and it floats when loaded. Quality made in the USA. The inside cut for the matches holds them securely but makes for ease of access so you are not trying to pull a match from down in a tube like some others. Recommended.
Carl Fish on 08/08/2014 09:39am
The waterproof Matchcap is quite spectacular. Its a bit pricey compared to plastic alternatives, but I wanted to be sure it would be able to fit the extra long stormproof matches (2 3/4 inches long). When it comes to survival gear its important to have redundancy for important items like fire starting. My first option would be my Windmill Delta lighter or my Exotac Fire Rod. But when it comes to the backup for my backup I need it to be ironclad, and the waterproof Matchcap XL gets the job done.
R Cuccio on 06/12/2014 08:38am
Love the match holder. Excellent execution of what it is supposed to do. Good design, nice craftsmanship. Worth every penny.
Art Hayton on 04/06/2014 11:23am
You can find waterproof tubes elsewhere and some plastic ones for as little as 2 bucks. This runs a little under 30 so i was a bit skeptical, however its not even close. The quality of the Exotac Matchcap blows everything else away. If your a camper or prepper and like things that will last a life time pick this up.
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The support, both email and by phone was outstanding. My order was received faster than expected. The Cold Steel knife received, by far exceeded my expectations. I'll definitely be a return customer.
--John - Lapeer, MI

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