Cold Steel 92HC Honey Comb Self-Defense Brush Dagger Nightshade Plastic Knife (3.5 Inch Grivory Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Blade) Griv-Ex Handle

MANUFACTURER: Cold Steel Knives

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Do you need an easily concealed and discreet personal defense weapon? If so, The Cold Steel FGX Honey Comb personal defense hairbrush knife looks like an ordinary hairbrush, but the fully functional brush also acts as a sheath that conceals a highly effective dagger with a 3.5 inch Cruciform Dagger blade that tapers to a needle like point. For the ultimate in strength and stiffness, the Honey Comb's cruciform dagger has been precision injection molded from Zytel, a tough, stiff nylon and fiberglass composite that contains no metal and is impervious to the elements. The superbly designed handle is designed to facilitate almost any gripping method. The cruciform dagger blade measures 3.5 inches long by 0.50 inches in diameter at the handle.

With its innocent appearance and usefulness both as a dagger and a hairbrush, we believe the Honey Comb is the all around answer to personal defense at home at work or on the town. As a hairbrush it's particularly appropriate in glove compartments, travel luggage, or a woman's handbag and will look perfectly natural in virtually any environment. Its light weight, and effectiveness make it an ideal self-defense weapon especially for women.

You can also hide this self-defense brush in plain site on the dash of your car or truck where it is quickly accessible for use against a potential car jacker. Some hair wrapped in it just adds to the camouflage effect.

Black as a moonless night, silent as the grave... these are the qualities that make up Cold Steel's lightweight Nightshade™ series. Most are detailed reproductions of existing Cold Steel favorites and some are new designs representing the newest trends in high-tech, covert construction. Made from Grivory™-- the latest in fiberglass reinforced plastic, and stronger than even the super tough Zy-Ex they have used in earlier models-- they are UV and heat stabilized, making them impervious to the elements.

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Sue Bishop on 05/08/2023 05:04pm
This is a quality made self defense weapon that no doubt could save your life if necessary.
Adrian Hurley on 02/01/2023 01:49pm
I hope my girls only need it to brush their hair but in todays crazy world it gives them a fighting chance since they don't want to carry a gun.
Fire Escape on 01/18/2023 10:28am
I dont understand why all the reviews suggest this is for ladies only. Sure, not all guys have enough hair to need a brush but that does not mean that this cant be a great choice for them to hide in plain sight as well. Mine lives on the console of my truck, no need to fish it out of a bag or some other hiding place. It actually makes for a pretty good brush as well and some hair wrapped in it just adds to the camouflage effect. So, while I would indeed recommend one for every one of your wives, girlfriends and/or daughters consider one for yourself as well guys, if you dont have much hair just let your significant other use it to complete the camo. Its probably the most accessible anti-car jacking tool you can find. I always have a knife and usually have a handgun but once seat belted into place this is much quicker to access.
Frankie on 12/04/2022 01:42pm
It's thick plastic except for that metal key ring. About the same type of material that you would use to hold a tent down while camping just a bit stronger and definitely a point on it. This would definitely go through cardboard or game ribcage. I can't see this snapping, it's pretty tough.
Kari Meisner on 11/30/2022 11:00am
Besides being a really nice hair brush this secret weapon would punch a really big hole in the bad guy if need be.
Dede P on 04/05/2022 01:42pm
Great unobtrusive weapon disguised as a hairbrush. The brush is actually very nice quality. The dagger spike is very beefy and would punch a large hole in the belly or throat if necessary to defend myself from an attacker.
Valerie Cotton on 02/22/2022 12:11pm
This is a good performing everyday brush with a non-metalic dagger inside. Whats not to like?
Jean O on 02/03/2022 11:29am
A perfect weapon for anyone who is looking for a covert discreet personal defense weapon. If you know where to stick it this tool can be deadly.
Jane N on 01/13/2022 05:03pm
I have been searching for these for so long. I gift them to friends and family. I have had one for years and love it. They are great hairbrushes and self defense tools.
Frank on 09/15/2021 04:30pm
Great little weapon is light weight and concealable.
John Smith on 03/14/2018 07:35am
I bought these for my wife and girls for self defense, to keep in their purses. I also bought for stealth and because I don't like being disarmed when I fly or enter any establishment that forces me to walk through a metal detector. So far I am very satisfied with this purchase. Would recommend to anyone.
Jason on 03/20/2017 11:36am
My girl friend likes the discreetness of this product. It would certainly inflict serious damage to an attacker!
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Perfection for both product and transaction. Thank you.
--Michael A. - Stafford Springs, CT

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