Nylon Composite Knives

Glass reinforced polymer knives are stiff, strong, lightweight and have excellent bearing and wear properties.  These nylon polymer composite knives are stealthy, designed for covert clandestine concealed carry for self-defense purposes. These composite knives are made from super-strong, non-detectible materials such as Nylon, Plastic, Grivory composite, Zytel (which is Dupont's brand), Glass Reinforced Polymers, FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon) and the latest in fiberglass reinforced plastic.  The Nylons used to make these polymer composite knives are loaded with chopped glass fibers for reinforcement and rigidity.

These Because these knives are 100% Non-metallic, Garrett wands used by government employees will not discover these stealth knives. Realistically, if you are carrying these weapons concealed, the only way these sureptitious knives will be discovered is if you are frisked or x-rayed.

These stealth knives are UV and heat stabilized, making them impervious to the elements. Polymer Composite Knives will never rust, warp, crack or split even in the most extreme environments and these composite knives are light enough to be tied, tucked, or taped just about anywhere on ones person making them imperceptible and unobservable.

OsoGrandeKnives non-metallic knives are capable of surreptitiously slipping through security, yet are stout enough to inflict serious impairment to those looking to harm us.

When carried concealed, non-metal knives (plastic knives) are great for last ditch self-defense use. OsoGrandeKnives carries all of the Cold Steel plastic self-defense knives which are made from Grivory composite and offer a wide range of blade styles, including non-metallic daggers, nylon composite push knives, nylon composite karambits, nylon composite shanks and tactical spikes, all at terrific prices.

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Thank you for a smooth transaction. I have received my order. Thank you for the prompt shipping. You have a loyal customer here in Ohio.
--William P. - Springfield, OH

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