Carbon Fiber Knives

Carbon Fiber knives are made from carbon fiber-reinforced composite materials (thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon, used as a strengthening material). These ultra lightweight knives are exceptionally strong because the carbon atoms form together in a tight, chain-like bond. This crystal alignment allows Carbon Fiber knives to be stiff and incredibly strong. Moreover, because these knives are 100% non-metallic they have no magnetic signature and therefore they are 100% non-detectable with magnetic detection scanners such as Garrett wands.

The government's unconstitutional institution of "gun free" zones has trampled upon our 2nd amendment rights. But by concealed carrying of one or more of these covert knives you can still remain armed with a capable last ditch weapon which is non-detectable unless you are unfortunate enough to be frisked or to have your body scanned by an X-Ray machine. Never be unarmed! These “high-tech” primitive weapons will surely deter the most hardened of criminals when used proficiently. Crude, but effective, daggers are deadly!

Besides carbon fiber knives, OsoGrandeKnives also carries a wide selection of incrediby affordable, super strong non-detectible non-metallic Knives which are constructed from G10, Titanium, Ceramic, Nylon composites, Plastic composites, Grivory composites, Zytel (which is Dupont's brand), Glass Reinforced Polymers, FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon) and the latest in fiberglass reinforced plastic. Checkout all of our Non-Detectable knives.

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I order 70xt blades from you all twice a month thanks for being awesome!
--Dark Hills European Mounts - Blackhawk, SD

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