G10 Knives

G10 knives are machined from a solid piece of G10 into dagger knives, punch knives, karambits and many other types of edged weapons. G10 tools are non-electrically conductive and do not throw a metal signature should that unexpected Garret wand be called into action by an over-zealous government employee.  These properties make G10 Knives undetectible unless you are patted down or X-rayed.

These small clandestine G10 knives are non-magnetic and non-metallic enabling concealed carry virtually everywhere without detection. With more and more restrictions on our 2nd amendment rights, gun free zones, etc. G10 knives fill the gap by enabling you to remain armed with a weapon that will surely deter the most hardened of criminals when used proficiently. The G10 daggers are primitive weapons which are crude, but effective, daggers are deadly!

A self-defense edged weapon constructed of G10 is strong, durable and virtually indestructible. With outstanding strength and hardness, these non-metallic knives resist abuse from regular and occasional use. If treated correctly, a knife made with G10 can last many years. You can apply as much pressure as you normally would with a steel knife, and the G10 knife will stand up to it.

G10 knives are made of a laminate composite material of fiberglass and resin. To create G-10, manufacturers use a compression and heating technique. The fiberglass cloth layers are soaked in resin, and then compressed and heat treated. This process creates a durable material, which is extremely hard and lightweight. In brief, a G-10 knife is usually the most resistant material within the laminates of the fiberglass resin group.

With a high tensile strength of 40,000+ PSI lengthwise and 35,000+ PSI crosswise, the durability of G10 Knives is undeniable. G10 is one of the hardest materials out there, with a Rockwell Hardness of 110! Moreover, G10 does not soften as time passes. Unlike ceramic knives, G10 knives and tools are not brittle and with a compressive strength of 60,000+ PSI flatwise, and approximately 35,000+ PSI edgewise a G10 knife can be dropped from a considerable height onto concrete, rocks, ceramic tile, etc., and it will easily survive the impact.

Knives made with G10 can last a lifetime when used as backup self-defense weapons. In fact, you can smooth and polish G10 to restore its appearance, if needed.

A G10 knife with a thickness of .125-inch has a flexural strength of 55,000+ PSI lengthwise and 45,000+ PSI crosswise. This means that G10 Knives are quite stiff and have a flexibility factor of approximately 15° before they will break. Furthermore, tests have shown that no matter how much you bend a G10 Knife by force, it will not deform. This means that you can trust your G10 knife to retain it's original flatness and molded shape.

Besides G-10 knives, OsoGrandeKnives also carries a wide selection of super strong non-detectible non-metallic Knives which are constructed from Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Ceramic, Nylon composites, Plastic composites, Grivory composites, Zytel (which is Dupont's brand), Glass Reinforced Polymers, FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon) and the latest in fiberglass reinforced plastic. Checkout all of our Non-Detectable knives.

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A Big shout out to osogrande. Service was fantastic and the ship Time to Canada was like four days, amazing!!!
--Brad - Pembroke Ontario, CANADA

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