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What situation would call for a tactical pen? They’re handier than you think! Nearly all law enforcement officers carry tactical pens in case of emergency because they’re lightweight, portable, and great in a pinch and for self defense. OsoGrandeKnives offers a wide selection of tactical pens and accessories to prepare you for anything you may encounter.

Most security pens are made of an extremely hard material like aluminum or steel. While some self-defense pens can actually write (and do so even underwater or upside down!) most tactical pens are made for specific purposes like hiding a handcuff key or breaking glass. Glass breaker pens are the most common, equipped with a heavy-duty metal tip designed to shatter glass instantly – a very useful tactical pen if you’re stuck in a sinking car or need to escape through a locked window.

A tactical pen also makes a great self-defense weapon in an emergency. Since they’re so lightweight, tactical pens for self defense, can be carried in your pocket, in your purse, or on your keychain and the razor sharp points makes a fierce personal self defense weapon. Of course, most people hope they never need to use their tactical pen but when you find yourself in a situation where you need one you’ll sure be glad you have it!

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Thank you very much for the courtesy and efficiency associated with this transaction. Rest assured that I will be a return customer.
--Bill P. - Appleton, WI

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