Emerson Combat Karambit Folding Liner Lock Knife (2.6 Inch Hawkbill Black Blade with Reinforced Tip) G10 Handles KARAMBIT-BT

MANUFACTURER: Emerson Knives
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A Karambit is an ancient Indonesian Utility Knife Used for Self Protection and Self Defense. Introducing the ultimate 21st Century Folding Knife from Emerson Knives. This Folding Karambit brings you the first in the next generation of folding knives. With the advantage of the Emerson "wave shaped feature", this is one of the finest personal defense weapons ever developed. Others will follow, but you will own the first and the best from the worlds leader in "Real Deal" Hard Use Knives. The Karambit features our Patented "wave shaped opening feature" or Remote Pocket Opener. In an emergency or injury situation the knife can be opened with one hand as it is drawn from the pocket. This knife is not available with serrations.


  • Ergonomic Handle Design fits Forward and Reverse Grip perfectly
  • Can be carried for Reverse or Forward grip deployment
  • Total Ambidextrous opening

Emerson Knives - KARAM-BT Specifications:

  • Overall Length:
    6.75 in.
  • Blade Length:
    2.625 in.
  • Cutting Edge Length:
    2.50 in.
  • Blade Thickness:
    0.13 in.
  • Blade Material:
    154CM Stainless Steel
  • Blade Hardness:
    57-59 HRC
  • Blade Style:
    Hawkbill with Reinforced Tip
  • Blade Grind:
    Chisel Ground
  • Blade Finish:
    Black Titanium Nitride Coating
  • Edge Type:
  • Handle Length:
    4.625 in.
  • Handle Thickness:
    0.54 in.
  • Handle Material:
  • Handle Color:
  • Frame/Liner:
  • Weight:
    3.60 oz.
  • Carry Method:
    Ambidextrous Pocket Clip (Right/Left - Tip-Up)
  • Knife Type:
    Manual Opening Folder
  • Opening Mechanism:
    Thumb Hole and Wave Opener
  • Locking Mechanism:
    Liner Lock
  • Brand:
  • Designer:
    Ernest Emerson
  • Model:
    Combat Karambit
  • Model Number:
  • Country of Origin:

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Murphypl on 02/01/2019 06:10am
This is an awesome knife and great site to order it from. I like that it has a robust tip and it fits the hand very well. It is my EDC knife.
Dale Blackburn on 08/29/2018 01:47pm
Well satisfied with the knife super service and delivery. Will shop here again.
John g on 04/01/2018 12:59pm
This is a great knife hands down great price. Only problem if any for me is if you have big hands. Really do your homework the super may be more for you.
Emerson lover on 06/20/2017 07:55am
Great as advertised. No surprises on the quality or the shipping time. Wish the training videos were cheaper.
Nigel Hardy on 05/19/2017 08:23am
What can I say. it's an Emerson. If you're looking for the best hard use karambit and you don't want one that'll weigh you down then this is the one for you.
Cody on 05/17/2017 08:14am
This is relatively big knife especially in the pocket. However I have a large iPhone 6 and can still cary both in the same pocket in most of my pants and shorts. I like to carry this knife in athletic shorts or any time I can't carry my firearm. It is a very sturdy knife and I love the peace of mind it gives me knowing I have some form of protection against an attacker.
Jamal V. Destin on 01/24/2017 08:38am
I own plenty of karambits, this is my first Emerson Karambit. I have been eyeing it for like 3 years or so, and really like the beefyness of it. Out of all my folding karambits it is the most intimidating even more than my Fox 599-X. In my opinion.every karambit lover, should own one. Excellent blade.
Clark C on 09/25/2016 08:05pm
Its an Emerson, what more need be said.
Angel Sanchez on 09/19/2016 09:23am
This blade gives me confidence when in pocket. The grip is awesome and it performs flawlessly when in hand. Thank you OGK and Emerson.
Jason on 09/13/2016 04:20pm
Great knife, just the right size for EDC, strong, fast and sharp.
Miguel D. on 08/23/2016 11:11am
This karambit is a beast. It's extremely well made, nice design, and it opens and closes easily with no issues. The blade is razor sharp. I have no doubt this thing could do some serious damage. Make sure you are careful with this blade.
Matt H on 04/19/2016 10:05am
Excellent back-up defensive weapon if it goes hands-on. Great for law-enforcement as an aid in a weapon-retention incident and for deploying military working in a threat environment. Clip this knife in the front off-hand pocket (3-screw clip is removable to adjust for right or left hand use). It takes a little practice to become comfortable with correctly deploying the knife so it opens properly with one hand as it is withdrawn from the pocket. On line Youtube videos by Emerson demonstrate this best. This Emerson Karambit is suprisingly light and the blade is incredibly razor sharp. This Emerson Karambit IS very high quality and a fantastic close-in back-up defensive weapon.
Ken B on 05/20/2015 07:27am
Excellent knife! Everything about this knife is high quality and made to last. I have small mitts, and often have trouble with any item that has finger grooves, but this knife fits like a handshake. I would highly recommend training with a knife of this kind, so the trainer is also a very smart purchase, as well. The G-10 makes for a great, secure gripping surface. The blade coating also is top caliber, and has stood up to medium-to-heavy use thus far.
Mike on 03/24/2015 08:35am
I came to Oso Grande Knives to find a knife that played well with my Krav Maga foundation. I found the Emerson combat karambit works extremely well.

SPEED. In KM, or in any form of self defense, fast response to threats is absolutely crucial. The index finger hole sits just above the pocket like when clipped in. When my hands are at rest at my sides, this knife is right there ready to go. The finger hole in the knife is easy to feel and grab, so I can keep my eyes on the threat. The wave feature is different at first, but when I put in context with the strikes I use in KM.the wave feature makes even more sense. My hands naturally rise up directly towards the target from rest, which also directly engages the wave into the front of my pocket. This means it's an edged weapon that goes from safe in the pocket to immediately in the fight quicker than you can count to one second! This faster response will end the fight quicker, with better efficiency and less effort. What you end up getting is a manual knife that is considerably faster than any automatic and gets well around any laws concerning carrying auto knives!!! Safety however, this knife is extremely sharp.practice withdrawing it slowly. If you want to work speed drawing this weapon, buy the Emerson karambit trainer as well. It's half the price of the knife, same great features and you can work drawing it in complete safety.

GRIP. Emerson really went all out on this knife. You will feel the difference the moment you put this knife in your hand for the first time. The g-10 handle is solid and offers considerable traction. This grip will not slip because of blood. The steel lining on both sides of the handle enforce its structure and add good weight to the handle. It also reinforces your punch.as if the hawk blade extended outside your hand wasn't scary enough. I was worried the index finger hole would be too small because I have big hands, but it fit just fine. You can forward or reverse grip it well, using either index or pinky fingers for the hole. Whether fighting with a closed fist and the reverse grip, or using it forward for interior quick slicing, you're not going to need to raise up your elbows much because this isn't a straight blade, this blade works around the curvature of your own body. Martial artists will like this because it keeps you in a solid fight stance with your elbows in tight, whether you're forward or reverse gripping it. With the index hole, you ok could also open up your grip to grab things like wrists if you have to, without dropping the weapon. You can't ice pick stab with this knife, but an overhand punch with a reverse grip would be similar.

BLADE. I ordered the black blade. I wanted as much concealment as possible. I can tell the coating will inhibit rust. The steel feels of good quality. One thing I absolutely love is that this weapon is insanely dangerous.but it's just so small! In reverse grip, this knifes extends barely 2 inches away from my grip. Most states will be ok with this blade because it's shorter than the usual 4 inch laws and that it isn't an automatic. The loophole here is that the actual cutting surface is much longer because of the interior arc, it makes the knife incredibly sharp. Once this blade hooks into its target, the carried through force of say a punch.will make this blade eat through the target. This curved blade outside of your fist makes this knife incredibly difficult to defend against as well.

PRICE. Under 300 for an Emerson is a no-brainer. You're getting close to a hand made knifes quality for an amazing price. After finally buying an Emerson, I'll never buy or carry anything else. You could spend 500 on albeit an amazing Microtek, but in the end you will have spend more on a slower knife that doesn't give you the tactical advantages of Emerson's karambit. Also, all other karambits that I've felt do not compare to the Emerson. Especially for martial artists, this knife will make a lot of sense once you feel it. Enjoy this one.
Brian on 10/20/2014 04:29pm
Good knife, very sharp blade and wave makes it easy to open. My only complaint is the index finger hole is tighter on my finger than any other karambit I've held and I've got several. They need to rethink the diameter of the ring.
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Oso Grande has an Excellent selection! Prices are fair, and their customer service is Amazballs!
--D.D. - Oil City, Pennsylvania

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